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Releasing Trapped Emotions Helped a Boy Heal From Chronic Leg Pain

A 10-year-old boy (Bryce) had chronic leg pain. The Chart of Emotions pointed to guilt and anger. He had me check four times to be sure! Through muscle testing we were able to determine that the blockage occurred at age 7-8, second grade. After a few moments, the boy began to weep uncontrollably, and remembered that by accident he swung his lunchbox in second grade and hit another boy's head. The other boy needed stitches and had to go to the hospital. Bryce kept this guilt in his body and it manifested in pain which was released the day we utilized The Emotion Code. We discussed that accidents are accidents, and it was not his fault. Bryce was super emotional for the next 24 hours and then it passed. We were so happy to see his healing right in front of our eyes. Imagine what could have come from another 10 years of holding onto this negative emotion of guilt! ~Karen Barski, RN BSN

Trapped Emotions Released and the Pain is Gone!

When I used The Emotion Code with a seventeen-year-old female with lower back pain, I found and released one trapped emotion from when she was twelve years old, when her parent got a divorce. Her back pain has been gone for two months. I also used The Emotion Code for shoulder pain which was off and on for the last ten years. Many trapped emotions were released and now the pain is gone! ~Shiela M.

Severe Back Pain Healed by Releasing Trapped Emotions

A couple of months ago I had severe back pain on the right side and I wasn't able to move. Every day while I was in bed I used muscle testing to see if there were any trapped emotions I could release that day. I was able to release trapped emotions in the morning and at night. After seven days, my back pain was gone, and I was able to get back on my feet!! It was a miracle!! My back was healed by releasing trapped emotions! ~Yuko H.

Painful Memories Eased With The Emotion Code

"Ever since reading The Emotion Code® book last year I have seen many miraculous things happen. The most miraculous thing I've seen doing The Emotion Code was the change on my sister Erica. When we were young children, we lost our grandparents. We had been extremely close to both of them. When my grandmother passed however, my sister changed from a playful little girl to an adult overnight. My grandmother Helen was the matriarch of our family, so I believe my sister decided at that moment to take on that role, even though she was only 6 years old. A few months ago my family was sent a home video from our cousin. We decided to watch it and in the video was my grandmother's wake at the old house. All of our relatives were there, along with my sister and me as kids. The video showed anguish in Erica's little eyes. Watching it brought back some painful memories for her. When we got back to our house, she had a breakdown and my intuition told me to use The Emotion Code. The intensity level started at a solid 10 and went down to a 0 after releasing 6 trapped emotions that had to do with taking on the role of matriarch and the sadness she felt at my grandmother's passing. Ever since the trapped emotions were released, she seems less tense. I know it had to do with releasing [...]

Doing The Emotion Code Healed His Knee Pain

My friend texted that her husband, Glen, was in pain. His knees hurt so much, he was in tears. He was having difficulties getting around at work. He was up and down continuously on his knees getting tools. I asked Glen for permission to work on him. I went through The Emotion Code Charts for Trapped Emotions, a Heart-Wall, and inherited Trapped Emotions. By the end of the session, his knees were about pain-free and he was able to go to sleep. Later I received a text where he thanked me for helping him. Glen was able to get around better at work after that. He also took a cruise and was able to do things he hadn't done in a long time. ~Sheree B.

Peace Found After Clearing Trapped Emotions With The Emotion Code

The most intense experience I’ve witnessed was when I first discovered I could work on animals. My 15-year-old German Shepard was in the process of dying and was hanging on. It was torture for us, though our boy seemed to not be in pain. My husband couldn’t bear to put him down. We had rescued him as a puppy and never knew his history. I was able to clear issues of abandonment and a few other trapped emotions. He seemed so peaceful after that and my husband could see that he was really ready to go. We were all finally at peace. ~Randy H.

Knee Pain Disappeared

I was working on a client at work. He had severe pain in one of his knees. I released about 4 trapped emotions and the pain in his knee was disappeared. I asked him a few days later how his knee was doing. Knee was still pain free.

5 Negative Human Emotions and What They Mean

Healing from things that have hurt us emotionally can be a confusing process. We are usually aware of when we are feeling hurt or upset, but what about more complex feelings like abandonment, betrayal, insecurity, resentment, and vulnerability? The ability to recognize and correctly label these negative emotions can facilitate emotional healing and understanding. The Emotion Code (™) Definitions of Emotions contains helpful definitions for these five emotions. 1. Abandonment “Physical abandonment is being left alone, left behind, or deserted (this is the type of abandonment that we most often see in childhood). Emotional abandonment is being given up on, withdrawn from, emotionally deserted or separated from, or a feeling of being ‘left behind’ in a non-physical form.” According to Sharie Stines, Psy.D, “Being invisible to your loved one is an existential wound. It causes you to feel that you don’t matter and questions your right to even exist. Research has found that one of the primary ways to injure a person is to remove him or her from significant human contact; particularly communication.” 2. Betrayal “Betrayed [or betrayal] is to have your trust broken, to be deserted or hurt by a trusted one. Betrayal of another is to be unfaithful in guarding or fulfilling a trust; to be disloyal or violate a confidence, to desert someone who trusts you. Betrayal of the self is to break integrity, act against one’s morals, to abuse the body or soul.” Betrayal can [...]