written by Kimberly Dornbush, CECP/CBCP

I have decided to use things that trigger me as a gift instead of as a problem. I feel like my higher power brings people and situations into my life to trigger me so I can deal with the emotions or imbalances that are still trapped since my childhood. If I didn’t have these imbalances I wouldn’t be affected so easily by others.

So now when someone or something triggers me I do a Body Code session on what is the underlying imbalances causing this. By taking full responsibility for my life I realize they are giving me another opportunity to heal these imbalances from the past.

I have used this with a couple of clients and we have both been surprised by the results that show up.

When we can be in a state of gratitude for everything that comes into our life then we open a door to healing. Using The Emotion Code and The Body Code allows you to pinpoint what is being triggered and once identified you get to finally release it once and for all.

I had a client who had a really hard time making friends and asked me for help. We identified several despair anchors and broadcast messages that were standing in her way. Once removed, she was able to connect to others, started making friends, and it was easier for her to ask for help.

Being in a state of gratitude helps improve your intuition and it tells the universe you are working with it, not against it, which for me brings quicker results.

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