Body Code to the Rescue!

Nothing like a nice hot bath to settle the spirit, calm the nerves, and clear the mind! Scented candles and bath salts add to the ambiance. I was in just such a reverie up to my ears in warm water when my loyal feline friend and Body Code subject, Kia, came to check on me in the bathroom. This was not unusual, as Kia is always interested in whatever activity I am involved in at home, the center of her small and intimate universe since she is an “indoor cat.” On numerous occasions in the past agile Kia would jump to the edge of the tub and perch there, just close enough to observe the pleasant inactivity of the evening and stay clear of the offensive water. Under normal conditions this was an opportunity for an agreeable and placid appreciation of just being in the moment for cat and her human, floating in the dreamy peace of an evening bath. Except for tonight.

Kia’s usual routine by the tub was to deftly sashay the catwalk along its edge and leap up to a small table next to the tub’s head, her normal exit route to the floor and through the door. But on this particular occasion I had unwittingly placed several bottles of lotion and bath salts on it. From her vantage point she did not see or anticipate the items on the table, and attempting to make her habitual spring to its top, she was disarmed by the presence of the objects and fell back against the tub faucet and into the warm water, scrambling, terrified, and desperate to get out. In this ten second drama, my right leg, her launch pad from which to rocket out of the tub, became a scratched bloody mess, but once freed from the watery grip of desperation she bolted under my bed, wet, cold, traumatized and unwilling to come out. Needless to say, she has never joined me in the bathroom since.

I coaxed her out, rolled her up in a soft towel, and further terrified her.

You have to understand this is a shelter cat that arrived in my life and care with many issues, not the least of which were trauma and social withdrawal. I have come to understand that our relationship, which has become one built on therapeutic experimentation and gaining mutual trust, has been divinely appointed. I am her caretaker and she is my teacher.

I knew immediately to use Body Code technology on Kia. She allowed me to access her unconscious animal nature, helping me understand that the slip into the tub, and particularly falling against the faucet, had injured her sacrum and lower lumbar L5, pubic bone, chest and sternum. In addition, she suffered the emotional impact of terror, insecurity, self-abuse and low self-esteem which were the result of the literal fall from grace she experienced that night. Together we healed her physical and emotional wounds and in a short time she was herself again. Cat and her human have a great rapport…since this accident she has routinely requested my ongoing services as a Certified Body Code Practitioner for periodic structural and organ alignment, as well as for emotional balancing. She responds beautifully to treatment. Kia continues to make progress as the brave cat that has been raised from the ashes (or should I say cesspools?) of her stressful past to courageously explore yet another of her nine lives.

Written by:

Suz Speirs, CECP, CBCP