Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code, is thrilled to announce his latest life-changing product The Body Code Certification Program is now available!

As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner you are part of an elite group that is qualified to take advantage of our exciting new Body Code Certification Program. In fact this program is only for Certified Emotion Code Practitioners who also own the Body Code System. Don’t wait! Become a Certified Body Code Practitioner today and open up a new world of physical, emotional and financial liberty while you celebrate your independence from the medical establishment.

If you are not Emotion Code Certified, but would like to be, then click this link to start on your way. If you are Emotion Code Certified but do not own The Body Code System click this link to purchase the Body Code System.

So what do you get when you become a Certified Body Code Practitioner?

·         New clients from around the world – Become part of the Healers Library Global Referral Network and perform profitable proxy sessions from across the globe.

·         Practitioner map placement – Get worldwide exposure to thousands of potential clients on our Global Practitioner Map. You can easily be found by location or specialty.

·         Practitioner profile – Includes contact information and a link to your website/email. Plus: Share your unique story with your own bio.

·         Certification badge – You will be able to place the high quality Body Code Certification Badge on your website and your marketing materials. Available in multiple sizes & shapes.

·         Beautiful completion certificate – Get a “frame worthy” completion certificate to hang on your wall and show your clients. High-Resolution printable PDF.

·         Exclusive marketing materials – Access to professional marketing materials, webinars and tactics that will grow your business and increase revenues.

·         Practitioner only web-access – Exclusive access to the Body Code Members only area and archives with methods not available anywhere else.

·         Practitioner only knowledge – Get access to profound “practitioner only” knowledge, techniques, ongoing training webinars and events.

Click the link below to start on your path to becoming a Certified Body Code Practitioner – http://bit.ly/OvfrLB

*This program is only for Certified Emotion Code Practitioners who also own the Body Code System.