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Nutrient points were discovered by medical practitioners working with the German built biofeedback machine called the Ondamed. This is a machine that uses low frequency waves for healing, using the body’s pulse rate and quality to guide the practitioner to the area where healing is needed.

When Nutrient Points Fail

Nutrient points are control centers in specific areas throughout the body that were discovered to be responsible for regulating the absorption of different nutrients (or blocking the absorption of harmful ones). When these become blocked or congested, they cause a bodywide inability to absorb particular nutrients. Just as bad, obstructed nutrient points, whose task it is to block absorption of too much of a particular nutrient, can no longer do their job. This allows the toxic buildup of nutrients, chemicals, and heavy metals in the body.

The Ondamed uses energy (frequencies) to break up the congestion in these areas so they return to function.

More Ominous than We Thought

Scientists have long thought that the utilization of vitamins and trace elements may be blocked or impaired more often than we think. This not only causes problems with deficiencies and toxicities, but taking a supplement when a nutrient point is blocked could be contra productive or even a health hazard.

The developers of the Ondamed found that eczema was always associated with a blocked vitamin C nutrient point. Further, to give vitamin C or fruit containing vitamin C to someone with eczema caused enormous exacerbation of symptoms.

I Wondered Why Not

After absorbing all this information on the Ondamed, I wondered why I couldn’t use the energy (frequencies) we use in The Body Code (intention magnified with magnets) to allow these blocked nutrient points to return to normal function. After experimenting on myself and my clients for some time, I believe we can.

Search and Destroy with The Body Code

I discovered that most blocked nutrient points had a negative energy in them called a saboteur. When I released the saboteur, the body’s ability to absorb (or block absorption) returned to 100%. The difference between function of the nutrient point before and after release was dramatic. They aren’t always blocked by saboteurs though. I have seen heavy metals and trapped emotions causing the problem too. A Body Code practitioner simply has to search for what is congesting them and then release it (or cleanse, in the case of heavy metals).

An Example of Success

I have had many examples confirming this. A classic case is with my stomach. I had problems producing hydrochloric acid and had to supplement it, asking my body each meal if and how much I needed (while I work on the underlying problem with my digestion). Though I was taking it every meal for many days with no symptoms, I was surprised when I got sick to my stomach like I did when I didn’t have enough hydrochloric acid. I checked the nutrient point for hydochloric acid and, sure enough, it was blocked. I released the saboteur in it and the problem was quickly ressolved.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Make Sure

I have been frustrated because some of my clients seem to have problems with absorbing nutrients like B12, magnesium, and zinc. I think this is especially critical with older clients. Keeping the nutrient points clear seems to be an effective way of helping to ensure absorption of nutrients. At least it doesn’t hurt to check and make sure. Nutrient point condition can easily be assessed and dealt with just by asking using the chart (see resources).

Much to be Discovered

There will be much discovered as more and more people begin using The Body Code. This is just another tool to add to the tool box of the already amazingly complete Body Code System.

Brent King CECP / CBCP, Brent King is a freelance writer, massage therapist, and health consultant with the Body Code from Lake Oswego, Oregon. He is a musician, a waterman, and a father. He has two boys, 18 and 21, who live in British Columbia, Canada.

*For more information on the Ondamed and nutrient points, including nutrient point charts: