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I’d like to tell you about this awesome tool that I’ve used to help me clear some of the nagging emotions and fears that were lying dormant beneath my acne problem.

You’ve read much of my blog, you’ll know that I feel a HUGE untold number of acne cases have a major emotional component behind them. If you haven’t yet read the free ebook, Skin Deep, which is downloadable at www.grossbart.com, you should do that right away. It can give you some very helpful insight into what’s going on behind your acne and will probably enlighten you to the untold side of skin problems that is not often talked about.

Once you’ve figured out what your skin is trying to tell you, you still need tools in order to calm and release all those negative fears and emotions that may be contributing to your problem.

How do you do that?

Well, there are many techniques, but today I want to talk about The Emotion Code.

The Emotion Code is a book written by Dr. Bradley Nelson. If you’re serious about your skin getting better and you want to work on healing your emotions,  I’d highly encourage you to read through it… you don’t even have to buy it. I was able to get a free e-copy of it from www.free-ebooks.net.

So what’s the deal with the book? What’s it about?

Well, the idea in the book is that we, as humans, as well as every other thing on earth, are made of closely knit, vibrating energy molecules. Emotions are also made of energy, and strong emotions from events in our past can get trapped in your body and basically make a mess of things.

For example, you, as a small child, had an incident in which you were at the grocery store and you got lost. You looked everywhere for your parents but they were gone. You were traumatized because you felt scared, anxious, and very abandoned. If that emotion was strong enough, it may have gotten trapped in a certain part of your body. In the future, you might become quite suspicious about people leaving and very sensitive to the idea of people abandoning you. If you hadn’t that that experience, it might not be such a touchy subject for you today.

Okay, so that was a really simple explanation, and if you aren’t familiar with this stuff, it sounds like a lot of hoo-ha. Read the book and it’ll make a lot more sense and seem a little less ‘out there’. The premise of the book is the same as any other energy healing modality, whether it’s reiki, acupuncture, or reflexology.

I’ve had this technique strongly recommended by Seppo Puusa at Clear for Life, and he’s a skeptical, analytical, Finnish man. He personally said it helped him with his acne tremendously, so I was inclined to give it a try.

The technique Dr. Nelson uses clear the trapped emotions is unique. He has found that running a magnet over part of the governing meridian in your body (which runs from your upper lip, over your head, and down to your tailbone), can release an emotion that has been trapped inside you, once that emotion has been identified.

How do you identify the emotions?

Well, let me tell you something about your mind. Your conscious mind runs your waking thoughts, your immediate worries, and your urgent matters. Your subconscious mind is in control of every memory you’ve ever had, your breathing, your digestive system, your immune system, and the energy flowing throughout your body. Even though your conscious mind may not know everything there is to know about your body, your subconscious does.

my homemade pendulum

So essentially, you can ask your subconscious mind yes or no questions in order to gain answers from it. In the book, Dr. Nelson gives you many different muscle testing techniques to do this, but my favourite is one that is not in the book – which is using a homemade pendulum. This is just a wing nut, or some other weighted object tied onto a string – you can easily make one at home.

You hold the end of the string in your hand, and keep the pendulum still. Ask it yes or no questions that you already know and be amazed as it begins to sway back and forth, seemingly like magic. You’ll notice that it will start to consistently swing one way for yes, and the other for no. For me, yes is back and forth, and no is side to side.

Once you get the hang of it, the author has a simple to use chart that he uses in the book to help you narrow down which emotion it is, what event trapped it, where in your body its located, and whether it’s possible to release it at that moment. Once you get it narrowed down, you can swipe your fridge magnet over your head, and it will release it permanently.

Sometimes you will notice the effects right away, and other times it takes a few days for the feeling to dissipate. You’ll notice that little things related to the released emotions will not hold such an emotionally sensitive charge anymore.

Okay… I know. This sounds super hokey, but it seems to work. I noticed that I felt a lot lighter afterward, my little bit of very mild acne didn’t seem to bother me much, my anxiety and fears were quieted. And Seppo also says that this is by far the most effective emotion clearing technique he’s ever used.

-written by The Love Vitamin