From now until mid-January there are a variety of seasonal celebrations and public holidays that provide the opportunity for extended families to come together and… ‘And’ what? Have a great time, eat well, play well, enjoy seeing distant relatives and ‘feel the love’? For many, although their expectations may reflect these sentiments, the reality of the situation and the multitude of potential opportunities for stress can send the family gathering off track. For a different group of people even just the thought of the holiday season brings angst, dread, grief, loneliness… sadly the list of negative expectations can be far longer than the positives.

There is however, one thing that can bring benefits to anyone regardless of their starting position and expectations for the holiday season and that is the ability to use The Emotion Code or The Body Code to identify and clear emotions and other energies that are fundamentally pulling them into that dark place full of negative emotions.

If you are reading this article you may have either bought The Emotion Code Transformation package or purchased the book “The Emotion Code”. Either way, you can download and then print off the Emotion Code Chart and keep it readily to hand with your magnet. Remember that you can clear your own trapped emotions as well as working with other people (so many practitioners are so focused on working with others that they never seem to find the time to work on themselves ‘in the heat of the moment’). Why not start preparing for the holidays by looking for trapped emotions in yourself that became trapped during previous holiday seasons? Then move on to looking for trapped emotions that are ‘an underlying cause of family arguments when you are all together’. Of course, you know your own ‘hot spots’ so just substitute those for ‘family arguments’. One recent example was someone who was a good cook but always managed to burn a key element of the main meal at holiday times. So searching for emotions that were ‘an underlying cause of burning the meal at holiday times’ proved to be a fruitful line that identified several trapped emotions.

Festive parties also have the potential to stress us. Whether it is to do with what to wear or what to say to the partners of your colleagues that you only see once a year at the festive part, you can look for trapped emotions causing your stress or anxiety. Since our own vibrations affect the behavior of those around us it would also be a very useful preparation to look for trapped emotions in yourself that need clearing to allow others to feel happy/comfortable/content in your presence.

You might also like to consider looking to The Body Code for help as the range of energies causing mental and physical issues is far greater. If you own the system yourself, great, do some sessions on yourself. Alternatively ask your Body Code practitioner for a session or two focused on issues that typically arise for you around the holiday season. If you don’t have a practitioner already then you can look for one using the Global Practitioner Map. Additionally, should you find that you have over indulged or eaten foods that disagree with you, you can also use The Body Code to identify and clear a wide range of toxins as well as energies from food intolerances. Why not decide to start every day looking for emotions or imbalances that need clearing to allow you to enjoy the coming day you will be giving yourself a very worthwhile present that is also likely to improve the day for people you come in contact with.

Looking outside of your own challenges for coping with the holiday season so that you have a great time you can also look at the needs of your families and pets. Toddlers and young children can be worked with to clear underlying causes of overexcitement and overtiredness whilst other family members and friends may appreciate the offer of a session to help them achieve the best state to enjoy these special times. Pets too often get disturbed and agitated by all the activity and can be greatly helped by searching for and then clearing the underlying cause of their agitation. Remember though that you will need permission from people before carrying out a session with them.

These suggestions are just a starting point, I am sure you can think of many more specific instances where clearing a few trapped emotions or energies will alleviate your stress and help you enjoy the seasonal holidays.

Wishing you all love and happiness, wherever you are and whatever festivals you are celebrating.

Hazel Markou, CECP / CBCP