One of the most brilliant aspects of The Emotion Code and Body Code is its ease of use with animals.  I have always been an animal lover and have always had a dog in my life.  I love working with animals and seeing the instant results that often occur after a session.

This last December I had to put down my best friend, a black labrador retriever named Bobo. Bobo had lived to over fifteen years old and I attribute her healthy, long life to using The Body Code and The Emotion Code. About 1 year before she passed away she had a mild stroke but I used The Body Code on her and she was able to make a full recovery. Once she was gone, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I needed to fill the hole in my heart with another dog.

Four weeks ago, my wife and I finally decided to get another dog, and we brought home a six week old black labrador retriever, who we named Daisy. One thing that I quickly relearned is how much work a new puppy can be and all the emotions that come with it! Thanks to The Body Code and The Emotion Code, we were well prepared to deal with all the ups and downs.

When I first worked on Daisy, I found she had trapped emotions of abandonment, sadness, longing, nervousness, and worry. That’s a lot to handle for a little puppy! Leaving her mother and the other pups in her litter must have been really hard, and although my wife and I gave her all the love and attention we could, there were still some more emotions at the beginning. I now work on Daisy about once a week, and it’s so cool to know that she is totally clear of trapped emotions and other imbalances. This means she will be less likely to have trouble down the road, and more likely to be with us for longer.

One day, about a week after we had her, Daisy was really bouncing off the walls with energy and was testing the patience of my wife and me. My wife asked me to check her, and I found she had a trapped emotion of Overjoy. I was a bit surprised because in my sessions with people this emotion rarely comes up. Overjoy is the only positive emotion on The Emotion Code chart. It is imbalancing because it’s simply too intense for the body to process. It doesn’t tend to cause problems like depression, but it can cause pain because it imbalances the physical body. And it can certainly cause hyperactivity like my puppy was experiencing! I had a good laugh about our cute little Daisy being overly excited, then cleared the emotion from her. Instantly she calmed down and was back to her normal puppy self. I’ve been doing sessions for human and animal clients for years, but it still never ceases to amaze me how efficient The Emotion Code is.

In addition to working on Daisy, I check my wife and myself regularly to keep our emotions balanced and under control.  Anyone who has raised a puppy can related to the times when your patience is just maxed out! For me and most people this will show up as what I call the “stress” emotions: Frustration and Overwhelm. Keep these and others cleared and you’ll be well on your way to raising a great dog and having a happy life!

– Josh Nelson, TEC and TBC Certified Practitioner