Your Go-To Beginner’s Guide for Energy Healing

Have you always had a natural inclination to help others? Are you interested in learning more about natural, traditional means of healing? Do you want to ease the pain and suffering of others but aren’t drawn to traditional Western medicine?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, consider learning more about energy healing. In this go-to beginners guide to energy healing, you’ll gain the basic knowledge needed to jump-start your journey in the holistic healing field.

What is energy healing?

When you think about what the human body is made of, what comes to mind? Flesh and blood? Bones and sinews? While these answers aren’t necessarily wrong, many people are surprised to learn that we are actually beings made of…. Wait for it… Energy!

The human body is pulsing with energy. In fact, when you get right down to the most minute part of us, the subatomic “particles” that make up the atom, you will see that we are literally made of pure energy. Not only that, but everything we do – from the breaths we take to the thoughts we think to the actions we make – they are all powered by electrical signals running through our bodies. Energy healing is a noninvasive, holistic practice that manipulates, channels, and balances these energies to keep the mind, body, and spirit as healthy and grounded as possible. While the core purpose of energy healing techniques is to maintain and restore the body’s flow of energy, an emphasis is commonly placed on solving problems relating to emotional, spiritual, and physical ailments.

History of Energy Healing

Einstein and his discovery of quantum physics solidified the fact our bodies are composed of energy fields. However, the concept and history of energy healing reaches far beyond that – to the age of ancient Indians who, more than 5,000 years ago, referred to a singular, universal energy that powered every source of life. This energy was called Prana, or breath of life.

Later, in the 3rd millennium B.C., the Chinese referred to a similar, yet different energy called Ch’i. Ch’i is composed of two polar forces yin and yang which constitute and flow through the body and, when properly balanced, create ideal health. Ancient energy healing practices like acupuncture are based on the idea of balancing the body’s yin and yang energies.

In recent (yet still historical) times, Dr. Wilhelm Reich further elaborated on a universal energy similar to prana, which he called orgone. It was Dr. Reich’s studies in the correlation between orgone flow and mental and physical illnesses that introduced us to the power of releasing harmful energy blocks or “trapped emotions.”

Types of Energy Healing

Thanks to the longstanding history of energy healing, today we have many different type of holistic practices that help to manipulate, restore, and balance the flow of energy throughout our bodies. Some of the most common techniques include:

  • Pranic healing uses visualization and healing to identify imbalances, cleanse, and re-energize the body’s energy levels
  • Jing-Qi-Sten uses a closed-ended-question approach to work from the outside-in to identify the root cause of pain and suffering. Once discerned, these problems will be extinguished through rhythmical breathing and aura movement.
  • Reiki was developed from ancient Tibetan wisdom and teachings and acts as a bridge between the patient and the divine. Through the use of hands-on-healing, Reiki is proven to have powerful healing energies.

Starting Your Energy Healing Journey

Contrary to what some may say, you don’t have to be highly spiritual or privileged with rare skills and abilities to be an energy healer. Perhaps the simplest yet most powerful of all energy healing methods is The Emotion Code, which will teach you everything you need to discover the true power of energy healing, and which has allowed people all over the world to easily become certified as holistic healers. Start your healing journey, today.