written by Hazel Markou, CECP/CBCP

There have been a lot of questions about muscle testing in the Healers Library Emotion Code Forum (click here to read) and a lot of individuals have approached me who are having difficulties muscle testing, so I thought it would be helpful if I set out my thoughts on this.

Firstly, if you are new to The Emotion Code, it is quite understandable that you feel compelled to perfect muscle testing on another person. In my experience this skill can be challenging to acquire, as you are dependent on both your client and yourself being in the correct state for muscle testing to work. Although it is a nice skill to have, the fact of the matter is that you will probably end up doing the majority of your work at-a-distance by proxy and therefore the important skill to be comfortable with is self-testing. It is also perfectly acceptable to self-test when you have your client present; just set yourself up as a ‘surrogate’, test yourself and clear the imbalances by rolling over the client’s governing meridian. The rest of this article therefore focuses on self-testing.

The most important guidance I can give you is to have FAITH. I personally offer up a prayer thanking God for being with me, guiding my intuition and keeping me open to all possibilities whilst working with a client. The communication comes through muscle testing and to constantly doubt results feels like a rejection of God’s guidance.

When I ask people how they know they can’t muscle test they often speak of getting different results if they repeat the question and re-test. I don’t see this as a failure of muscle testing – my explanation is that if you were to stand by a stream and take a cup of water out of it, and then take a second cup of water out of it – is the water in these two cups identical? No, of course it isn’t! It has come from the same stream, but the actual molecules are discreet to the time you dipped the cups in the water. The same goes for muscle testing where you are ‘dipping into the energy stream’. In the event that you find you don’t get a strong response to anything on the chart I would definitely recommend that you relax, refocus, and having taken a few seconds to check in with God. Repeat the question and muscle test again to find the answer. If you still find that nothing produces a strong response try asking ‘is there something blocking us from finding the answer?’ You can easily explain this to your client by saying ‘I need to refocus and repeat that’.

In addition to the above, I wouldn’t recommend muscle testing to predict how a coin has fallen or whether the card you’ve turned over out-of sight is black or red. These just feel to me like unnecessary and demeaning ways to test God’s gift. Use the skill for a healing purpose and you will be on much firmer ground.

Next, I suggest you focus on the question not the muscle testing. If you are distracted by thinking ‘can this possibly be working?’ or ‘am I getting the right result?’ it is going to affect your results. Don’t let your conscious brain guess the answer – anything can cause anything and this is a very useful phrase to repeat to your clients if they question your findings. For further guidance in this area I suggest you read Charan’s article about being in neutral which can be found by clicking here.

There are then several issues that may affect your ability to muscle test if you find it hasn’t come easily. In my experience the main reasons people have problems are either because they are using too strong a tension in their hands, have structural issues in their neck, or they are dehydrated. The first is easy to sort out – practice repeating your favorite muscle testing method whilst ‘turning the dial’ to use as little tension as possible until you sense the ‘unlocking’ response to “no” being different to the ‘locking’ response to “yes”. The issue of dehydration is also generally easy to correct – sip one or two glasses of water over the course of an hour or two and then try again. This will go a long way to correcting the issue enough for dehydration to not be the major issue.

Correcting structural imbalances in the neck is a slightly different matter and although you could go and see a chiropractor there is a lot that a certified Body Code Practitioner can do to sort this out for you. Since they would also be able to work on the other areas I am about to suggest I would highly recommend that anyone having trouble with muscle testing has a session or two with a Body Code Practitioner – not only will they be able to correct structural imbalances, they will also be able to look for other imbalances that are getting in the way of accurate muscle testing (it will also allow you to experience what it is like being on the receiving end of a proxy session). For example it could be that you are reversed. You can find this out by doing the Sway Test. Whilst standing, close your eyes and think “Yes”, or repeatedly say your name to yourself. You should sway forward. If you feel yourself going backwards or sideways then you are reversed. Your Body Code Practitioner will be able to see what the underlying cause is if this is the case, and will be able to talk you through how to correct it. You cannot expect to muscle test accurately if you are reversed.

Here is a checklist of things you need a Certified Body Code practitioner to do to get you ‘in the right place’ to muscle test:

Reversal: If you have established that you are reversed tell the practitioner so that they can work on correcting this.

Structural imbalances: Ask the practitioner to check what percentage of brain messages are reaching your organs and glands intact. If this is less than 95 – 100%, in my experience it impacts on muscle testing ability so ask them to check for ‘imbalances causing less than 100% of brain messages to reach your organs and glands intact’ until this is corrected. You’ll get double benefit from this as you will probably find any stiffness or pain in your back and neck get alleviated at the same time.

Other causes: Ask your practitioner to check for any imbalances that are causing the challenges you are having with muscle testing. They could find anything ranging from curses to toxins that are getting in the way!

In conclusion, relax, give thanks for the skill and the guidance you are about to receive and have Faith.

– written by Hazel Markou (CECP & CBCP) Breamore Holistic Healing can be found at www.breamore.com