– Meal plan by Dr. Meghan Birt

I have found some great recipes from around the blog world. There are a couple of reasons I did a meal plan this way: #1 you get a variety of recipes and #2 you can find some other blogs to love and read.

I have given you recipes for Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner for all 7 days of the week. Now I know that you probably won’t be making all of the recipes. Some will have leftovers you can use for the next lunch, some of the weekend breakfasts you can use for brunch. But I wanted you to have some options. In the future I may change how I do this, but for this first week I wanted to err on the side of more recipes vs not enough.

Let me know what you think!



Breakfast: Egg Muffins from Primal Palate

Lunch: Taco Bake from Just Enjoy Food

Dinner: Shredded BBQ Chicken from a Girl Worth Saving



Breakfast: Banana Nut Butter Smoothie from Just Enjoy Food

Lunch: Healthy Sloppy Joe’s by Real Food RN

Dinner: Paleo Piggies from Predominantly Paleo with Steamed Green beans with Butter



Breakfast: Breakfast Avocado Eggs from Just Enjoy Food

Lunch: Pear and Goat Cheese Salad from Just Enjoy Food

Dinner: Chicken Florentine Spaghetti Squash by Stupid Easy Paleo



Breakfast: Cranberry Smoothie from a Girl Worth Saving

Lunch: Paleo Chicken Tenders from Rubies and Radishes

Dinner: Crockpot Chicken Tacos from Just Enjoy Food



Breakfast: Make Ahead No-Oatsmeal from The Paleo Mama

Lunch: Easy Crockpot Chicken from Hollywood Homestead

Dinner: Grilled Bison and Sweet Potato Kale Salad by Paleo Fondu



Breakfast: Fluffy Coconut Flour Waffles from Just Enjoy Food

Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers from Primally Inspired

Dinner: Pizza Burgers from A Girl Worth Saving



Breakfast: Coconut Flour Coffee Cake from Deliciously Organic

Lunch: Classic Tuna Salad from Just Enjoy Food

Dinner: Sausage Butternut Squash Soup from Just Enjoy Food



Refrigerator Chocolate Fudge from Just Enjoy Food

Lemon Cream Danish from The Spunky Coconut

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