Our natural world is an amazing resource for re-energizing your body, mind and soul. There is a modern day awakening of our connection with the earth’s energy and how we can use it to heal ourselves and others. The Mayans knew  this and used energy as part of their way of life – healers in almost all societies from almost every age of civilization have similar histories.
Unfortunately, in our modern society, most see energy healing as hokey or quackery. This way of thinking came to fruition somewhere around the Dark Ages and incredibly, we still haven’t recovered from it.  On a daily basis, we reject the grounding energy of the earth’s surface and the energizing power of the sun. We spend almost our entire lives indoors, as far away as we can get from Mother Earth, content to exist inside artificially lit boxes made of concrete and drywall, our lungs fed only by recycled air.  We spend countless hours in front of machines, the bulk of our human experiences reduced to email and the occasional video chat.

How do you feel when you spend time with Mother Nature?  You should feel refreshed, happy, and connected to Earth, God and even to humanity.  How do you  feel when you are cooped up for days in front of a computer or a TV?  You probably feel weighed down, unhealthy and disconnected – because you are!  Getting out in nature is how we recharge our proverbial batteries – our bodies and spirits need that fuel that nature can provide.  Spending time outdoors is part of leading a balanced life.

All over our beautiful earth, there are locations where natural, healing energy is powerful and in abundance.  Both healers and the sick seek out these energy hot spots to learn, recharge, meditate and cure their ailments. A trip like this can be a power-charging for your energy field, but even just taking a walk on a local trail near your home can be healing and re-energizing. Below are some ideas for re-connecting with Mother Nature.

Take a visit to one of these energy hotspots:

1. Sedona, Arizona
2. Macchu Picchu
3. Easter Island
4. Energy Vortex in Montana
5. Findhorn, Scotland
6. Lake Baikal, Russia
7. Pyramids of Egypt
8. Inca Temples
9. Lhasa
10. Ayers Rock, Australia
11. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

How to refresh your energy reserves:

1. Go on a nature hike
2. Grow a garden
3. Make pottery – getting your hands dirty is fun and very therapeutic
4. Swim in a lake or the ocean
5. Visit a local greenhouse or garden, breathe in all that goodness
6. Eat natural, organically raised produce and food
7. Do Yoga in a park or on the beach
8. Meditate among nature
9. Go camping with your family
10. Star gaze

How to preserve and give back to Mother Earth:

1. Re-use is the new recycle. Re-use products such as bottles, bags, containers (try not to throw anything away- yes anything!)
2. Buy organic foods. Pesticides and other chemicals used to grow crops poison the ground and strip it of any good nutrients.
3. Purchase energy offsets – Native Energy is a good source
4. Install solar panels – it’s getting cheaper every day
5. Purchase an alternative energy car or convert your old diesel to run on vegetable oil
6. Transportation: bike, walk or take public transportation instead of driving – you will be healthier for it
7. Compost your old veggies, fruit, sticks, grass clippings, flowers, weeds, egg shells, tea bags, etc.
8. Grow your own food
9. Learn daily about our natural world and how you can help by going to treehugger.com
10. Take a permaculture class
11. Share these tips with your friends and family!