written by Kimberly Dornbush, CECP

I wanted to share a new approach I have been taking with some of my Body Code sessions.

I feel that everything that is happening in our life has some underlying benefit that we may be clueless about. We don’t know the bigger picture, only God does. So when an emotional issue shows up in one of my clients I ask them to invite it into their life. I also ask them to send it love and to inquire as to what it might be trying to tell them, or to give us a clue as to why it is presenting itself, at this time, in their life.

I feel that if we can send everything in our life love, then we open a door to finding out what’s really at the core of the issue. This makes it easier to do a Body Code session because we are creating a safe place for the imbalances to present themselves.

This approach not only makes it easier to find the imbalances, especially if it is a despair anchor or broadcast message, because you have engaged the mind, body and spirit intelligence into the session.

This creates safety and brings understanding to the client for why they manifested this issue in their life, giving them awareness, which bring solutions so that the pattern can be changed.

I love involving my clients in their sessions so I include a lot of my law of attraction information in my sessions.

I am working with a lady that wants to lose a lot of weight, so I asked her to go back to when the weight became an issue and to send her body love because it wasn’t really doing anything wrong. Then I asked her to inquire what was happening during that time in her life to make her start to gain so much weight. By asking this we weren’t making her weight problem, or her, wrong. This takes a lot of pressure off the person and makes it easier for the subconscious to get to the core of the problem. Having a lot of guilt, or resentment, around any issue you are having, may create a negative effect of you sending yourself very negative energy. It is hard for anything to heal in that kind of energy, so I feel we are doing awesome work during and after the session by releasing any imbalances present because we are sending good energy to the whole situation, which supports healing.

My client has never liked herself and was actually excited about doing this because all she had ever done is send her weight, and herself, really negative energy. By sending her body love and releasing emotions of guilt and resentment we have made good progress and she is feeling a little better about herself and that is really cool.

I know it isn’t necessary to do this extra work but I want all of my clients to get a deeper understanding of why certain issues are present in their life and to stop beating themselves up because of it. We know that the energy we send out is the energy we will get back, so we should learn to send everything in our life positive energy and create cooperation instead of separation.

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