We had a wonderful seminar in Barcelona, Spain this last Saturday, with attendees from Sweden, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Italy, Spain, the UK, Australia, Uganda, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, the USA, Estonia, Ireland, Germany, Argentina and Portugal!

Our Emotion Code Certification Director, Mary Ruiz, from San Antonio, Texas, translated the seminar into Spanish as I presented it in English. We have made some wonderful connections for future seminars in some of these countries, and in particular are looking at seminars in 2014 in the Persian Gulf region and in Italy. I’d like to give a heart-felt “thank you!” to all our seminar attendees. It was an unforgettable event, with lots of healing and miracles, and the ripple effect of this seminar will spread outward, on and on, and will affect countless lives, as more people return to their home countries and begin the process of healing their loved ones and friends.

After the seminar our team flew to Morocco, where we have been spreading the word about this work, especially among the Berber and Arabic people here. We were able to spend the Islamic feast day of Eid al-Adha in the tiny oasis village of our guide, Ismael, and shared their meal and friendship, while teaching them about The Emotion Code, and showing them how muscle testing works. It was a lot of fun, and we were able to stop his brothers back pain and clear Ismaels heart-wall as well. He could feel little electrical sensations as it was being cleared, and afterward noticed how much happier he was. He later told us that being healed in this unique way is the best thing that has happened to him all year. How wonderful it is to help people through this work. It is so easy, and yet so powerful. May God bless you in your own healing work, that you will know the joy that comes from healing others. Serving our fellow beings is a great key to our own happiness. With The Emotion Code we have a simple, priceless gift that can bring joy, not only to ourselves, but to all we meet!

Dr. Brad : )
From Merzouga, Morocco