Guilt free chocolate recipe

recipe by CJ Hathaway, CECP

I’ll admit it—I’m a chocoholic. So when I gave up sugar I was really missing chocolate, but then I found this easy 3-ingredient recipe for ‘raw chocolate bark’, and once again all is right with the world!

This has now become my go-to chocolate, and I don’t even miss the store bought stuff—plus this has the many health benefits of coconut oil and cocoa.


Easy Raw Chocolate Bark

½ cup organic virgin coconut oil, softened (but NOT melted!)
½ cup organic cocoa powder
2 teaspoons organic honey (or to taste)

•Combine ingredients in a large bowl and mix together well. I do this by hand using a spoonula—takes a bit of elbow grease, but trust me…….it’ll be worth it!

•Taste to adjust sweetness if desired, then add any additional ingredients.

•Line a flat plate or platter with parchment paper (I use the tray from my toaster oven). Transfer chocolate mixture to tray and smooth out with spatula or back of a large spoon. You can also use your fingers / hands to smooth, but work quickly as the warmth of your skin will start to melt the coconut oil.

•Immediately place in the freezer to set for at least 20 minutes, then you can either cut into bite-sized pieces with a knife, or try a pizza cutter. Alternatively you can just break into pieces with your hands.

•Store in an airtight container and serve (or eat!) frozen, directly from the freezer (coconut oil starts to soften and melt above 76 degrees).

•Tips and suggestions:

-Make sure your coconut oil is softened, but not melted—when melted it separates from the cocoa powder.

-I use raw organic honey, although it takes a bit more work to mix in.

-I haven’t tried it, but apparently people have successfully substituted Stevia for honey.

-Get creative with additions! My favorite is chopped raw almonds (sometimes I lightly toast them). I’ve also added crushed, freeze-dried raspberries. You might also try chopped, dried fruit. Next batch I’m going to try adding a couple drops of essential oil of peppermint!

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