sent in by Angelica Amaral CECP

I have a daughter whom I will refer to as V. She was extremely depressed with severe anxiety. She was withdrawn, isolated, and very sad. She had difficulty even getting out of bed in the morning. If allowed, V would sleep all day. Eating and meeting her basic hygiene needs became a huge struggle. Getting her in the shower was difficult and once she was in the shower, she would panic and begin crying. In addition to this, V had daily explosions of anger. She would lash out without any cause or warning. Her anger became so extreme that she hurt us, physically, at times. She would yell, throw things, kick doors/walls, and refuse to doing anything. Sometimes she was just dead weight on the floor and we could not move her.

Going places was an extreme challenge. She was terrified of leaving the house and usually refused to go. If we did get her in the car to go somewhere, once we arrived, she refused to get out of the car. She would yell, hyperventilate and hold tightly to the seat of the car. Her anxiety was so bad! She was grinding her teeth all the time. She made fists with her hands and never relaxed. V refused to participate in any activities, sports or social events. Her mood was always somber and sad, or very angry; always negative. Daily life was so difficult for her and all of us.

Then we met Angelica who began to work with V, using The Emotion Code around May or June of 2012, and we began to observe some positive changes. We noticed she was able to get out of bed earlier and without much help. She appeared much calmer and the severity of her anger was significantly decreased. She still got angry sometimes but would only raise her voice a little and it might last for 5-10 minutes. This was a drastic change from before. V could get in the shower and she was no longer panicking. Her mood improved. She even began to laugh and sing a little, and even dance; all the things she used to love to do when she was young. She began to participate in baseball and hang out with her friends. V is willing to go out with us again. She still has some off days but most days are good.

The greatest change we have seen so far is her ability to laugh again. She is slowly showing excitement and hope about her life. She has started a new day program. We believe she is able to do this because of The Emotion Code sessions she is receiving from Angélica. This treatment has been life changing for her and for us. Now daily life isn’t such a challenge, as it once was.

E, Mother of V

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