Do you have the opportunity to work with many individuals that have found challenges in their lives? It is wonderful to work with people and assist them to find healing. I know that we all face these challenges in different ways. Let me share with you how I found The Emotion Code.

I foundThe Emotion Code right at the right moment! It was struggle for me to stay well. My rheumatologist was trying to get me to take some drugs that I thought would not be good for me (knowing that I have side effects to some prescribed medications).

I went to see the individual that had been helping me get well. He is a chiropractic doctor and helped me overcome almost all of my health struggles. This time I was going to him with severe depression and pain in various parts of my body that did not seem to add up. I was losing control and I knew he could help me. He listened to me describe my symptoms and then he told me that he knows what it is. He said that I had some “trapped emotions.” Explaining a little about trapped emotions, he then asked with a little bit of a smile if I would like him to get rid of them, and I said Yes, in a sort of monotone voice. So after about 45 minutes he had cleared 12 emotions from me and I was feeling on top of the world! I could not believe at first how much different I was feeling. [This is not a typical result for most people.]

I found out more about The Emotion Code from him. He explained that it is a book and I could go and get it that same day. This is what I did; I got home and looked up the book on my Nook. I found it and downloaded it and read as much as I could of the e-book that night. The book talked about all of the things that I was wondering about and was an informative well structured read.

Within a week I was signed up to be an Emotion Code Practitioner. I know that life will bring us more challenges each day, but now I feel I have the tools to meet those challenges in a powerful way. I would love to help you overcome your health challenges too. Of course you can check it out for yourself like I did. You will be pleasantly surprised how well it all works and makes sense. You can make a difference in your life and in the life of many others with the use of The Emotion Code system!

~ Denny Guymon, CECP, CBCP
Facebook: Whole Health and Healing

I am a young father of five children. We enjoy the many wonderful things that we are learning as we study energy medicine. My kids and my wife will ask me if I can check them to see if they have something to clear like an emotion and usually they do. I love being able to help people feel better and enjoy life to it’s fullest!