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By Alisa Fisher, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

“Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.” 
- Bill Hicks

It’s the morning of your interview for the job of your dreams. You feel your likelihood at getting the job is high. You’re showered, mentally prepared, and ready to go to the interview. You just need to finish the final detail of preparation. You pour motor oil on your resume, covering most of the information. You decide to splash a little oil on your shirt and dab a little behind your ears for good measure. Your preparation for this life-changing interview is complete. If you see this as an illogical process, I agree. I would like to suggest that we do the same illogical thing to the mind, body, and spirit through energetically negative media that is violent, explicit, negative, crude, and mentally or emotionally disturbing. This directly weakens our entire being, and reduces the clarity of our spiritually intuitive connection with God and ourselves.

Some call spiritual intuitiveness seeing with the third eye. This metaphor is powerful because intuition truly is seeing through the eyes of the soul. It is this intuitive “seeing” that helps us read between the lines in our lives. It helps us to perceive things unseen, unspoken, and oftentimes unknown to our conscious minds. Having conscious and subconscious minds as free as possible from the thoughts of others expressed energetically through words, imagery and music makes us more available to have our own thoughts. We then become clearer conduits for the heaven-sent thought energies of spiritual intuitions.

In “How To Improve Your Intuition: Part 1”, I stated that I believe the body and the spirit together make up the soul. Intuition is strongest when the mind, body, and spirit are balanced. This balance is most likely to occur when we are energetically nourishing our body and spirit. Everything is energy. Food is a form of energy we give to our bodies. Some foods and substances strengthen and heal the body. Others do damage and create a condition of disease and even death. It is the same with media of all types. Some are positive energies and strengthen the soul, and others are negative and weaken or destroy it. Unless you are the creator of the media you ingest, all other forms of media are someone else’s expression of their energy of thought. These thoughts influence and affect our minds, bodies and spirits on an energetic level. Since the 1960’s it has been scientifically known that in order to watch television, films, or listen to music or someone speaking, our brain wave activity slows to levels between the Alpha and Delta states. This brain wave activity is very much like unto being in a hypnotic state. Anyone who has seen a slack jawed child with a blank gaze staring at the T.V. knows the telltale signs of the Delta state. The path of active thinking has been cleared for someone else’s active thinking to enter and imprint upon the mind of the consumer. The energetic quality of the media determines whether or not this is a blessing that strengthens the mind, body and spirit. This is particularly critical when we consider that the subconscious mind seeks to fulfill the messages imprinted upon it.

The subconscious mind is a miraculous thing. It never forgets a thing you hear, read, watch, think or experience. What goes in never comes out. Its great abilities of memory, organization, and record keeping are also its vulnerabilities. On a conscious level there are things we wish we’d never seen, words we wish we’d never heard. So it is with the subconscious mind. In terms of developing a strong intuition, we may need to think twice before allowing certain media energies to imprint themselves upon our minds. I believe our bodies and the subconscious mind found in the brain are the physical part of a Book of Life of sorts, where everything we do or experience is recorded. Our spirits are the second part of that Book of Life. I feel that God’s interactions with us communicated through intuitions are energetically written upon our book for us to access. I am suggesting that we keep that book free and clear of the clutter of someone else’s negative thoughts so God’s messages come through more clearly.

You may not remember everything you have heard or seen. I wouldn’t dream of asking you to remember every television show or film you have ever watched. Nor would I ask you to remember every word you have ever said or every song you have heard. I will ask if you have ever watched a violent or a mentally/emotionally disturbing film and felt like you were in the path of intuitive inspiration. The only intuitive prompting I ever felt while ingesting media unworthy of my mind, body and spirit was to leave the room to get my physical and spiritual self out of the path of the damaging media energies. My criterion for media these days is this: Will this media leave me better and stronger energetically than it found me? It is easier than ever to find reviews of media that can help you determine the answer to this question. As your intuition increases you will be able to more fully rely upon it as you carefully consider your media options.

Periodic fasting from food for reasonable periods of time helps the body cleanse toxins and free radicals. This is a wonderful process, and I love the way my mind and body feel when I do it. A Media Fast has the same effect on the soul. Determine a reasonable amount of time that you will not ingest deleterious content in media such as magazines, music, video games, television, Internet-based media, or movies. Make it achievable. Start with one full day. Then increase it to a second day, and so on. Replace the time formerly spent with media doing something that strengthens you such as meditating, recreating, praying, interacting with friends and family, or creating or accomplishing something that has been put aside. Observe your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical states. You may enjoy journaling your observations and increased intuitions. As you wean yourself off of negative media, replace it with positive media that strengthens you and leaves you better than it found you so that you may be strengthened to go and do the same in the world.

Our conscious and subconscious minds are precious gifts from God to help us learn and grow through life’s experiences. Our bodies respond to the messages from the brain, and the brain responds to the messages sent through our physical senses and experiences. We will not be able to control every source of media we are introduced to, such as a simple trip to the grocery store for example. However, if we sincerely do all that we can to make the best media choices possible, I believe that God will compassionately bless us in our efforts, and will help make up the difference.