What is intuition, how do I recognize it and how do I use it?

We are all able to access intuition although we just don’t necessarily recognize it. Many of us as adults have fallen into the belief that having thoughts about someone just before they call us, or thinking about something you are expecting in the post as you drive home and then finding it on the doormat are just ‘spooky coincidences’. However, these are signs of an energy connection that, once we accept it is happening, we can use to great benefit.

Some call it a gut feeling although I believe this type of feeling is mainly related to something negative that is about to happen. For me intuition is definitely a thought in my head that arrives just above and behind my eyes. We are familiar with the concepts of being visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learners and I believe intuition utilizes similar latent skills. Therefore, some people see pictures in their mind whilst others hear words and conversations clearly. When you are doing an Emotion Code or Body Code session and looking for guidance, don’t try and search for pictures, or listen for words if they don’t come easily, just clear your mind of other thoughts, ask for help from ‘up above’ and then wait to see what happens. You will find something “arrives” in your head one way or another that you can progress with. When using The Emotion Code you are only likely to need to use intuition to guide the questioning you require to find additional emotions to clear for particularly deep rooted issues.

However, when using The Body Code there are a number of energies which require intuition to establish the detail, for example:
• The wording for a Despair Anchor
• The description of an Image
• The wording for a negative statement resulting from a Post Hypnotic Suggestion
• The thought or idea that the client has an intolerance to

These can seem daunting when first using The Body Code but once you have learned to recognise your intuition they are very satisfying to identify. Once you think you know what the ‘answer’ is you may need to take a ‘brave pill’ before articulating the thought to your client as it might seem unlikely. However, in my experience as soon as you voice it, the client is likely to express either a deep connection with the thought or even to say things like “I don’t know why but that thought just came into my head too”.

Sometimes you will find that nothing initially comes to mind and if this is still the case even after you have offered up a quick prayer for guidance, this may be because the client needs something else cleared first. Ask “Is there something blocking us from identifying…?” and you will probably get a strong muscle-test response. Find out what is causing the block, clear it and settle again to identify the element you are looking for. It is an amazing experience to have something clearly reveal itself when only minutes before there was nothing there.

If you have any questions about this please post them as comments and I’ll check for them over the course of the next few weeks. In the meantime I hope you have fun discovering just how accurate your intuition is.

Hazel Markou, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner