Well, is it? Is your food raising your quality of life, or lowering it? We hope this article helps you find your answer to this question.

Food glorious food, it can be used for good or ill, it can be exciting, fun, and oh so very entertaining. For many food is the center of how we socialize. Food holds all power over us; if we don’t get enough of it, we become sickly, angry, or even perish from starvation. If we get to much we can have many of the same problems. So why is it that it’s so hard for us humans to realize that what we eat and drink makes up one of the greatest factors in our quality of life? Doesn’t it make sense that if we eat pure natural foods that you would feel pure and natural too?

Somewhere amongst all the corporate marketing over the past 60 years our brains have become befuddled as to what foods and drinks are actually good for us, yet in reality it shouldn’t be that confusing. Think of it this way, what foods were your great grandparents eating? I bet it was all farm fresh (maybe even from their own farms and gardens), I also bet that the food they ate was without any pesticides or GMO? Think I’m wrong? Well starting in the early 1940s the first pesticides were developed, one of them being favored above all others was dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane or DDT and was used to grow crops. Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) wasn’t even around until 1994. There have been countless studies and papers on the effects of both pesticides and GMO to our land, our food, and us (go ahead and start googling). Many think the use of GMO and pesticides contribute to our waistlines. So why were so many of us bummed out when Hostess (makers of Twinkies) went bankrupt? (unfortunately they are now making Twinkies under new ownership). Instead we should have all had a party and rejoiced to our health.

Did you know that nearly every product you find at your typical grocery store contains pesticides and GMO (almost all are produced by Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, DuPont and they all use pesticides and GMO)? I know, you are reading this and probably thinking to yourself that this is all a lie, that you don’t believe it, and why are you telling this to yourself? Because these foods and drinks have such a hold on you.

Let’s switch gears for a second, and think about the benefits of what only eating a pure, non-pesticide or GMO diet can do for you. I would like to introduce you to Australian documentary film maker and juicer extraordinaire Joe Cross. Joe used to be skinny and healthy when he was younger, but he really loved to eat, and that caught up to him. He became hundreds of pounds over weight, in fact, obese. After a while he was diagnosed with a rare skin disease chronic urticaria. The doctors didn’t know what to do, so they put him on all forms of drugs. Eventually Joe was fed up and guess what he did? He bought a juicer, and did absolutely nothing but juice for 3 months. So what happened to Joe? Well, you can find that over at his website Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. His story is very inspirational!

Here’s something else for your brains to mull over. I want you to image a beautiful swarm of honey bees. Now you do know that they are disappearing as quick as you can say rat-a-tat don’t you? Scientists and even Time Magazine have recently published findings from studies gathered over the years based upon how the huge amount of pesticides being used in the good ol’ USA is killing all the honey bees, and if it’s killing them, what’s it doing to you? If pesticides are killing all the honey bees what is going to pollinate our fruits and veggies?

You remember Agent Orange? Well it was made by none other than Global Fake Food Producers Out For A Buck MONSANTO, and they have used Agent Orange in many of their various pesticides over the years, and they are still doing it. Did you know that farmers in England yield around 2-4 times the crop per square foot as in comparison to the USA? That’s because Monsanto and other farmers use heavy pesticides on their farm land and the smarty pants government over in the UK won’t allow it, indeed they only use a couple of mild pesticides (no pesticides are good), because of this the soil in the USA has gone, as the old phrase goes, “belly-up”, and nowadays most farm land won’t yield nutrient rich crops, so the food you are most likely eating is entirely void of any and all nutrition. So that is why you may be getting those migraines, or a thousand other different ailments and illnesses. If you don’t believe me, use The Emotion Code or Body Code on any and all of the food and drink you are putting into your body.

People are saying, namely (The Guardian) that by the year 2050 our crop yields will need to be double of what they are currently producing to keep up with population growth, if not then we could see global starvation. What if instead of poisoning ourselves with pesticides we start eating half as much food as we currently do? Talk about an answer to obesity. And what’s more, how about not throwing away over 1/3 of the food we produce – did you know that this is true? Disgusting isn’t it.

Just so you know, slapping an “organic” label on a piece of fruit doesn’t make it organic, the policies created by the US government are very confusing. That’s why you need to personally research where you buy your food, go ahead and visit the farms where you get your meat and poultry. Even better grow your own vegetables, raise your own poultry and herb garden.

For a moment I would like you to think about the future of our beautiful planet and not just our selves; because if we keep using pesticides and creating GMO products, instead of consuming natural products, then our dear mother earth will be entirely poisoned and what will that mean for the future of our kids? Are you thinking yet? Please do.

What this article comes down to is that eating healthy, home grown, organic foods can give us not only the tools for survival, but a healthier and happier life. Every time you go out to eat, or buy food at the grocery store ask yourself this question; Is My Food Life Giving?