Written by Lisa Magnusson, CBCP/CECP

A man, bent over and limping, often complained how much pain he experienced on a daily basis. “I would give ANYTHING to get better,” he exclaimed. Friends lent ears of sympathy, and offered advice ranging in surgical procedures to miracle herbal remedies.

His response: “Oh, it is too expensive!” He went on complaining for years, consigned to his pain.

Why would money separate this man from his solution? The answers vary from doubt of effectiveness to actual poverty, but the main concern is really about living in a mental deficit.

Mental Deficits

A mental deficit is another way to see the glass half empty. This can manifest in competitive drive to keep up with the neighbors, a critical eye of someone’s lifestyle, refusing to see outside the box, and even the frantic blaming of others for the pain that we refuse to overcome. This is the mindset of “this is how things will always be.”

Mental deficits are repeated in many aspects of life: dissatisfaction with our dress size, our current employment, and financial woes. In some cases, people recoil when presented with The Body Code’s unique approach to abundance attraction. Some may think, this will NEVER work! But what would prompt a person to turn away from relief when a solution was within reach?

The Spirit of Lack

Many struggle through life and see what they do not have. The dream job that they are unqualified for, the loving partner they never seem to find, and the material wealth that eludes them.

This is known as the spirit of lack. We can circulate around this over and over again, feeling cheated and falling short of what brings attainment. The blessing of The Body Code is that we can identify and release any emotional saboteurs to our success. This is a freeing experience, giving a person greater clarity of mind to ask the following questions: What exactly ARE abundance, wealth, and feelings of financial freedom?

Abundance, Wealth, and Financial Freedom

Abundance is more than just money. In some cases when a client has disclosed they have tried to find a better job, gain an education, or try to move forward with their dreams, they felt “blocked” and subsequently frustrated. At this point, I often ask a question that seems to leave them abruptly speechless: “When you get the job, the lifestyle, and the love that you want… then what? Do you believe you will be happy?” In most cases, people will honestly answer no. There will always be something they lack; something that leaves them unsatisfied.

At this point we begin to discuss what the real problem is: What emotional baggage and other imbalances are rolling around inside, causing tension and the involuntary drive to achieve, compete, consume… and then repeat? Why does the person believe this will leave him feeling happy and safe?

I hope the client will begin to trust that the form of abundance that is needed for themselves to be truly happy and filled is what they will receive. This may come in different forms: conventional wealth, increased health, closeness to the Divine, a feeling of comfort in a tumultuous world, peace and simplicity, a change in perspective, or in a variety of other forms. And the subconscious and the inner wisdom of the spirit knows exactly what we need to feel abundance.

For example, would someone truly feel more freedom if he or she had a balanced budget, more so than someone who had millions of dollars tied up in financial obligations? Probably not. Would someone appreciate good health if he or she never had never been sick? Probably not. So how do we capture this elusive feeling of abundance?

It starts with gratitude.

There are a few rare clients who, no matter how many sessions they receive, never seem to get better. Their situation never seems to improve, or so they say. Sometimes changes and improvements come incrementally and we have to help our conscious minds to recognize the little changes.

For instance, a woman came to see me for problems with her daughter’s behavior, and the stress it was placing on her marriage. The young girl’s progress seemed to be slow–painfully slow. The woman became frustrated, and voiced it to me. She reluctantly admitted she was seeing improvement, albeit small. While she saw the change, her ingratitude for the slowness of the change agitated her. It was as if she was trying to say, “Get better fast so our problems will simply go away!”

We talked about how we can remember to recognize change, and that actually accelerates our rate of improvement. As our recognition increases, our gratitude increases. As our gratitude increases, it is at that point that our hearts open wide to receive abundance in its many forms!

One of the great blessings that practitioners can offer clients is to actually ask what form of abundance do you need to feel peace at this particular time? An abundance of healthy foods? An abundance of healthy relationships? An abundance of savings, prompting a person to save more than they spend? An abundance of new job opportunities? This may help address some of the underlying reasons that prompt a person’s dissatisfaction with their circumstances.

The Body Code cannot force someone to heal, nor can it suddenly create wealth for any of us. Healing and improving is a personal matter, between the injured and the Creator of us all. As we express gratitude for the small changes, we step out of the deficit and into the realm of abundance.

Lisa Magnusson, CBCP/CECP

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