Our hearts go out to those who have been affected directly by the recent events in Paris and other places where terrible events have happened. We are especially sensitive to those who are injured or who have lost loved ones. It can be frightening and shocking to hear reports of the evil acts of violence committed by terrorists groups taking place in the world. As healers we wish that we could just help everybody and take away all of the pain and loss that many are suffering.

This tragedy falls upon all of us, upon the whole world. We are connected and all feel the darkness of it.

Let’s be sure to take some time to pray for those who are injured and those who suffer loss. Our compassion, our prayers, and our acts of service done in kindness bring light into the world. We can help those who have been deeply affected by praying that they will be comforted and healed.

Let’s also remember to pray for those enemies who hurt us, who break our hearts, who are blind to the higher road of peace and love. Let’s intentionally bring more light from above into the hearts of all, so that all will be impacted by love.

~ Dr Brad and Jean Nelson