written by Charan Surdhar CECP/CBCP

Are you looking for love? Is that something that you are looking for outside of yourself? With Valentine’s Day coming up, this can be a question many are asking.

Let’s take a little journey into yourself and see how it’s possible to find love. 

Our journey will take us from what quantum physics tells us and then on to the heart, the organ most associated with love.

Everything is energy and if we go down to the cellular level, and then on to our DNA, our atoms, and so forth, we come to just energy. So if everything is energy, your heart is energy, and the emotions you feel are energy too.

When we experience an emotional event sometimes an emotion can get trapped around our heart, or any where in the body. In this instance, as we are talking about love, the emotions that get trapped around the heart create a kind of wall around your heart. 

Your heart emanates a field of pure energy and also handles the physical aspect of pumping blood around the body. Our heart’s energy field allows the cells from one part of the body to know what is happening energetically with other cells in another part of the body.

When we go through trauma in our lives, we can experience emotions that can get trapped around the heart, this forms an energetic wall or Heart-Wall. As a result the field of pure energy that flows from the heart has to move through these emotions or filters, it “colors” it, whereby it’s frequency shifts away from the pure energy field of the heart.

This results in a filtered energy being received by your cells. 

Now, on another level, this energy is not only received by your cells, but by others, as it is on a collective level how we interact with others. You know how when you walk into a room full of people you just seem to know if someone is angry? That is you picking up on this field.

What happens next is interesting. We move away from being connected on many levels. We are able to only feel and receive through these filters.

One of the first things that happens as a result is a decrease in “self-love”. From there comes the need to find “self-love” outside of your self. This is such a crucial point because love begins with ourselves and to ourselves first.

On another level, it impacts our immune system, because we move from love to fear when we are looking outside of ourselves. What this does is lowers our immune system, which takes us into a protection phase.

So what do we do?

The important thing is to recognize that love begins with oneself, and releasing the Heart-Wall allows for you to begin developing a relationship with yourself first. The outcome of this is that energy shifts on many levels. This begins to raise your immune system from a protection phase, or stress phase, to a growth phase. This allows for you to begin to receive a pure field of energy to all your cells and the whole of you. Can you feel this as you are reading?

Isn’t there such a difference from striving to letting go?

When your own love for yourself begins to emanate naturally, then there is no longer a need for looking for love, because you know it is already within. 

This is a journey of your self discovery, and it does really begin with your heart.

Here is a meditation that takes you on a healing journey into your heart:

If you would like more information on the Heart-Wall, here is an animated video explaining more:

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