Natural News recently posted a must read article on new studies that have found cows milk, is in fact, not good for us. You may be thinking, then how do I get my calcium? Here’s a question for you, aren’t humans the only species that can drink another species milk? And if not, then why do we do it? Here’s your answer, “All juvenile animals can drink milk and that’s because they have the enzyme lactase to digest the milk sugars.  But the genome that makes the enzyme gets switched off when they get to a certain age, so as adults, they can’t drink it. (the Nakes Scientists)” Oh well, that makes sense. Silly humans. Many of you already may know all the side effects of drinking cows milk, but for the rest of you please read on and take action to keep yourself and your families healthy.

“The common practice of pasteurizing and homogenizing milk is the cause of many diseases, according to an increasing number of health therapists. Milk is pasteurized in an effort to prevent the spread of tuberculosis. However, in a study where 70 children were given a pint of raw milk every day over a five year period, only one case resulted. In a similar study involving pasteurized milk, 14 cases resulted.

Dr. Kurt Osler is a cardiologist in Connecticut. He has been researching the effects of homogenized milk for over 20 years. His findings indicate that homogenized milk is responsible for high cholesterol. Dr. William Ellis, an osteopath, links cows milk to many diseases in both children and adults such as chronic fatigue, anemia, arthritis, cramps, obesity, allergies and heart problems. Dr Frank Oski, a pediatrician, cites cows milk as being linked to iron deficiency anemia, cramps, diarrhea, multiple forms of allergy, atherosclerosis and heart attacks.”  (Natural News)

You may be allergic to dairy and not know it. So try muscle testing with the Emotion Code to see if you are allergic, or have any imbalances and then address the issues.

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