Inner Vision Tuesdays

As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I recognize I am an instrument to bring healing to the world.  In order to fulfill that vital role, it’s important that I use the principles taught by Dr. Nelson for myself.  Regular clearing of my own Trapped Emotions is an essential element of the ongoing process of becoming my very best.  It is beneficial not only for my own well-being but also to stay “practiced” and prepared to provide the highest quality of energy clearing for those I work with.

When I do a session on myself, I prefer to do it in the morning when I’m rested and my energy level is greatest.  If I have time, I’ll do a full session, meaning I clear as many trapped emotions that are ready to be released at that time.  I clear until there are no more to be released because my body has reached “capacity.”  I then muscle test to find out when my body will be finished processing.  I’ll ask “When am I finished processing?  Is it today (Monday)?  (No)  Is it tomorrow?  (No)  Is it Wednesday (Yes).”  If I want to know more, I’ll ask “Am I finished processing Wednesday morning?  (No)  Is it Wednesday afternoon?  (Yes)”  I use the same muscle testing process when working with a client to determine when they will be finished processing.  It has been my observation that it’s not always the quantity of Trapped Emotions released that determines the length of processing but also the quality of those energies released.  Some Trapped Emotions are more significant than others and therefore exert a greater effect on the bodies’ re-balancing efforts.  I have seen processing times last as long as eight days.

Sometimes clients ask how many sessions it will take until they are clear.  I tell them that it’s impossible to predict how many emotions are trapped and how quickly their body will allow them to be released.  We let the body give us the answers and lead the healing process.  Because I regularly do clearing sessions for myself, there are times when I ask the question and there’s nothing or very little to be released that day.

Because of what I’ve learned through The Emotion Code training and by working with others, I am much more in-tune with myself and more consciously aware of what I’m feeling in the present.  As I continuously release my own layers of negative emotions, I am able to see more clearly the deeper issues that need attention.

I recognize that like everyone else, I am a work in progress.  Acknowledging and validating negative feelings at the time allows me to deal with them in a timely manner and prevents them from getting trapped.  This is the same advice I give to clients to help them from absorbing new “junk.”  Dr. Nelson has also taught a powerful method to “Shield” ourselves and others.  “Shielding” is a something I have used with several clients.  Each day I also raise my own Shield to prevent the possibility of taking on any new Trapped Emotions that will then need to be cleared.  I find that following these practices keeps me as clear as possible and able to receive new insights for me and my practice.

written by Miriam Coons, CECP