One of my favorite dates with my husband happened while we were 3000 miles apart. We were dating long-distance, and he mailed me a “date night in a box” – a DVD with two cookies from a bakery I had always wanted to try.

The cookies had gone stale, and I’ve forgotten the name of the movie, but that gesture has always touched me – of reaching out over thousands of miles to show someone you care.

Since then, a lot has happened – marriage, parenthood, unemployment, and illness. After a difficult day it can sometimes feel like we’re more then 3000 miles apart. When that happens, we reach out all over again. He’ll share a song he heard on the radio. I’ll ask him about his day.

When the flowers have wilted and the chocolates are gone, it’s easy to be discouraged by the hardships and mundanity of life. But never stop reaching out to your loved ones. Whether the distance is physical or emotional, a simple gesture of love can always help you reconnect.

Margo Mae
DiscoverHealing Staff