11 TRUTHS About Healing While on Your Healing Journey

On muscle testing:

I muscle test using my thumb and ring finger pressed together and then with my other hand using my thumb and index finger in the loop I gently leaver outwards.  The trick is looking up and away – rather than watching your fingers – this way you take your thoughts out of the equation and use your intuition.  Works like a charm, just try it. The secret is getting your brain out of the way – no matter how you muscle test, look up and away. – DOREEN Maloney-Coles

On helping students:

This video was great- I would love to share it with my students who talk about feeling numb. They are studying to be actors and I am also hoping to learn enough about how we engage with emotion through performance and perhaps can open more hearts. Thank you for your video – Michele (NYU)

On helping animals:

Great article and how encouraging for those that haven’t tried The Emotion Code with animals. I have used TEC many times now with animals including horses and interestingly whilst an EFT Trainer of Trainers and love EFT, I find with the Emotion Code, a story can unfold with an animal so unexpectedly and importantly can often be verified. My work with animals has been via Skype, surrogate and even Facebook and thank you Dr. Brad for sharing this amazing technique to help not only ourselves and other people – but our animal companions. – Marie Holliday

On how The Emotion Code really works:

Phyllis worked on me, I had a teary year so far and my heart actually HURT, by the time we spent 3 or 4 sessions, all of a sudden something snapped and I could breath deep and my heart didn’t hurt anymore. That’s the layman’s version… You can ask her for details, all I know is it works! WOW – Katie Abrams

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