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Written by Estela Davila

What’s the difference between good and bad?

From the time we are born we become taught the difference between what is good and what is bad, all so we can grow up to be good contributing members of society. But as the saying goes “that which feels good is wrong, and that which feels bad is right”, this only makes things more confusing. To make things more clear we are taught rules and regulations helping us to learn what is appropriate and what is not. These rules have become very extreme, there is probably something you are doing right now that would be banned in some countries. So how can we safely teach our children to know what is good and bad for them?

Listen to your Heart / Follow your Heart

Before we were taught these distorted rules and behaviors it was easy to tell what felt good and what didn’t. The only thing we as parents should have to teach a child is what feels good in the heart is probably right and what feels bad or discordant is the wrong way, it’s as easy as that.

Journey of Becoming Who We Really Are

When we release our Heart-Wall we need to listen to our heart again. By doing so we do not gain anything, it’s more about relearning something forgotten. It’s like remembering a language you knew as a child but have forgotten and it might take practice until we understand and begin to listen to the heart’s language. We have been trained to do the contrary from when we were children and trust needs to be rebuilt. While communicating with our heart we become who we were meant to be, because the voice that is speaking to us is that of our Unique Essence, our Inner Being. Releasing your Heart-Wall is really the beginning of a journey towards our true selves.

Changes Come with Releasing a Heart-Wall

Once we release our Heart-Wall we normally feel better, more relaxed and lighter, as if a weight has been lifted from us. After that, the changes can be as varied as the people who experience them. People, things, situations, beliefs and ideas can completely change. The old feelings may go and new ones may replace them. When a vibration changes and they are not in resonance with the new energy they must also change. Sometimes the changes are drastic so things may appear to be chaotic for a while. When this happens, embrace the change and do not resist. Try not to push against whatever is happening, but to let things happen. It is normal to see dramatic results after two or three months after releasing a Heart-Wall and changes may come more quickly. Your soul is taking over and communication is reestablished. Changes seem to happen naturally, as if it were just coincidence that the Heart-Wall was released. Many people don’t even associate the changes with this issue.

Not Just a Coincidence

One of my first clients was a friend of my sisters. She came to see me because she was a single mom with a 7 year old whose father had fled back to the USA as soon as he heard she was expecting. All she wanted was to form a family with a man who loved her. She was currently in a relationship, she had been seeing this man on and off for four to five years. She obviously wasn’t happy and he didn’t treat her right. She always ended up going back to him for fear of being alone. She was simply unable to break up with him for good. It was not surprising that she had a Heart-Wall. It took us three sessions to release it, and off she went. I didn’t hear any more about her. About three or four months later I asked my sister how she was doing, and if she had noticed any changes. My sister told me the woman hadn’t noticed if releasing her Heart-Wall had done anything, but when I asked how she was doing, it was obvious that her life was completely different. She was doing great! She had finally broken up with her boyfriend and was seeing other people. After a few months I asked her again, my sister told me that although she still denied the Heart-Wall release had any effects one her, she was now the happiest person on earth! She was living with a wonderful man who treated her and her son lovingly. They had moved in together and were expecting a baby! I could only smile, thinking to myself that it was no mere coincidence. I have seen this happen again and again, people saying that releasing their Heart-Walls had done nothing. Their lives had changed but it was all coincidence, luck, destiny… over and over again. I now know that releasing a Heart-Wall always produces positive changes. Although it might take a while, since the changes of the heart are generally big ones, but lives are always changed.

Unique Essence of You

Along our life journey, the effects experienced when releasing a Heart-Wall may vary. They might involve periods of chaos, pain, nightmares, different feelings in the body, more energy, lack of sleep, or more commonly sleeping very well and having vivid dreams. I have a client who after releasing her Heart-Wall had itches all over his body at a certain time of night for quite a while. I have been told by people in their 50’s and 60’s that they felt like they were eighteen again, and acted in ways they did in their youth, as if they were regaining themselves. After releasing a Heart-Wall the journey towards your Unique Essence begins. This adventure is different for everyone. You are the only one who can be You!

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