For 70 years my grandfather owned a magical little bakery in Utah where many of my favorite childhood memories came from spending time kneading dough and sucking down hot-out-of-the-oven doughnuts, so of course it saddens me to even think that for my health I should not be eating grains. But it’s more complicated than just not eating grains, for instance “Some traditional cultures have been known to consume grains on a regular basis and still maintain excellent health. However, these populations have usually used soaking, sprouting and fermentation to make the grains easier to digest.” But who soaks their grains and what grains are actually good for those of us that are not gluten intolerant to eat? You see, it can be quite confusing indeed. I can at least tell you to stay away from any grain that has been Genetically Modified (GMO). Also “Recipes that use flour (bleached white flour, whole wheat, cracked wheat, barley, semolina, spelt, farro, kamut, triticale) or vital wheat gluten are not gluten-free.”

Luckily there is a growing list of grain replacements that we can consume that includes quinoa. Mmmmm quinoa!

Because of GMO grains many of us don’t have a choice about whether to eat or not eat wheat because you may be gluten intolerant. In fact at some level many of us are intolerant to grain, we just don’t know it.  Here’s one reason why staying away from grains can be our best option:

“Regular consumption of high-density carbohydrates is not only linked to insulin resistance and overweight, but also leptin resistance, altered gut flora and inflammation.”

If you either have to or want to get rid of gluten to maintain a healthy diet check out, the Goddess has an awesome array of recipes, gluten replacements and meal ideas.

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