Charan Surdhar, creator of a very friendly and informative animated video for the Heart-Wall and The Emotion Code recently published an article about sacral chakras and how they affect our emotional health. It’s a very informative article, below is an excerpt from her article on the website Mind Body Spirit U.

“As we were having this discussion about the sacral area and barriers, I began to wonder. Is it possible that there might be a sacral wall, or a womb wall or a hara wall? (Sacral – referring to the chakra, womb – the physical body, and hara – which in Chinese medicine is known to be the power center of our body, two fingers below the belly button). I was very curious about this, as I felt maybe that just like a heart wall, it is possible to have a wall or walls in this area that impact how we express our power…..”

Read Charan’s full article by clicking here