Energy work is a special blessing for our animal friends, who cannot tell us what’s wrong with them, and in some cases, cannot even be touched.

By Patricia Feldner

Yesterday a sparrow collided with our terrace door. It went down onto the floor, flapped its wings in a panic, and then just lay there on the ground, on its side, legs pointing backwards, not moving. I thought I could see it faintly breathing, but was not sure if that was not just my wishful thinking.

Sparrows scare very easily, so touching that little fellow would probably have caused it to suffer a heart attack. Also, I was about to leave for work and had very little time. Feeling sad and a little guilty—I had opened the door, which probably had startled the sparrow and led it to fly headfirst into the glass panel without looking—I asked God for help in reversing the effects of this seemingly pointless accident and started using The Body Code.

The first answer I got was Misalignment—Skeleton, which seems very logical after a powerful collision like that. Thankfully, no more information was needed, so I realigned it.

Next was a Trapped Emotion of Wishy Washy, maybe because it was weak and could not gather the strength to draw itself up, literally “spiritless and without a backbone,” which is the definition of this emotion. I had to leave then and the bird still lay there motionless.

Having arrived in my office, I used the first chance to continue working on the sparrow (thank God for remote healing!) and, to my big surprise, found a pH Imbalance. Shock leads to acidosis, so this seems very logical. I also tested that it was too acidic. I corrected that energetically, imagining those excess H+-ions forming a cloud of energy leaving the body.

Then I asked if I could do anything else to help the little sparrow regain its strength and get up, and I found Parasite. That was probably nothing acute, but maybe clearing that energy reduced the burdens on the immune system, freeing its resources for healing.

While doing the releases, I envisioned the little bird getting up on its feet and sitting upright. Shortly afterwards, my husband told me the sparrow had hopped to the bird bath and had drunk some water. Then it had flown to a nearby pavilion, sitting there for a short while, and then it had flown away. So it seemed to be unscathed! That must have been around the time I had been working on it.

Of course, I don’t know what would have happened without The Body Code, but I’m very much convinced that this saved the little guy. For me, this is a wonderful example of the blessings The Body Code can bring into our world. Without it, I would not have had a clue how to help that wild bird. I’m sure it would not have survived a trip to the vet.

Energy work can achieve so much in so little time! And it is a special blessing for our animal friends who cannot tell us what’s wrong with them, and as in this case, cannot even be touched. 
So don’t hesitate to use The Body Code on the animals around you—it can only help!

Patricia Feldner is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner with a passion and focus on animal health. As a nutritionist for dogs and cats, she includes herbs (phytotherapy) and flower essences in her work. She is also happy to help human family members, both with their own challenges and with improving the human-animal relationship. Connect with her online at