In the Soul Spring article, you can learn about some ideas to help you achieve your goals in 2022!

Snippets from the article:

Reflect & Evaluate: Before making your New Year’s resolutions this year, think for a moment. What is it that’ll bring about the changes in your life that you really want to see?

Journal & Visualize: Whatever your goals, identify them, write them down, and then visualize their creation. If you keep a goal journal, it will give you a place to keep track of things.

Ask Questions: If you find that you are setting the same weak goal year after year and you aren’t seeing your reality change, it might be helpful to look at things more closely. Questions to ask include: What are you missing?  Is there lack of commitment? A lack of excitement about the goal?

Clear Trapped Emotions: Trapped Emotions, commonly known as emotional baggage, are unresolved negative feelings from difficult and traumatic experiences that can become lodged in our bodies, affecting our health and relationships.

Clear a Path: The Emotion Code is a great tool to help you to allow the problems of the past to fall away and to move toward your potential. “

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