With the release of the popular book The Secret, a whole new era of thinking has been introduced. “The Law of Attraction” will either stir feelings of hope, skepticism or weariness in you. Whatever your take on it is, one thing is certain, the main focus is on abundance. Whoever and wherever you are, abundance is something you probably desire. The Body Code is an amazing tool for achieving abundance because it can remove the negative emotions and energies that act as stumbling blocks, keeping you from achieving the full life that you want.

To attract abundance into your life, it’s beneficial to understand what real abundance is and how it works to get it. So what is abundance? First and foremost, abundance is not just about having a lot of money. Having a Bill Gates sized bank account is just a piece of the puzzle and isn’t all you need to have a truly abundant life. To me abundance means living in great health, having copious energy to live your life, having wholesome and positive relationships, being open to awesome opportunities that come your way, experiencing enjoyment with financial freedom and being free of negative emotional blocks so you can experience joy to the fullest, seeing yourself living successfully.

Think about it, don’t you think that having this definition of abundance will give you a better life than simply being fabulously wealthy? I do! It’s my sincere hope that I can help you and all of my clients experience well-rounded abundance. Energy work can remove huge roadblocks to abundance and that is where I can help you. Here are 4 steps you need to take in addition to doing energy sessions to help you achieve a more abundant life.

1. Know What You Want – Define it, Envision it, and Feel it! Create a vision board of what you want to create. Let pictures and words visually represent values for the type of abundance you want. Look at your board every day because it defines your dream to your own heart and mind. It helps you to envision living that life until you can actually feel it. Practice feeling what you want to be, what you want to do, how you want to spend your time, how you’ll will use your resources, who you’ll be associated with and where you will go.

2. Ask! Whether you believe in a loving Heavenly Father, a Great Spirit, a Creator, or a peaceful universal energy source, it is very helpful to believe that there is a Higher Power that oversees, protects and blesses. When people talk about the “Law of Attraction” I much prefer to call upon the law of “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” because of my Christian background. Ask God or your Higher Power, for the things you want and choose to believe that you will receive. Allow the experiment of asking with belief help you to realize your dreams.

3. Act! When opportunities come to you, do your part to make things happen! Achieving an abundant life is not a spectator sport; it requires a lot of effort from you to achieve it. Our sessions together can go a long way in helping you remove fear and negative emotions that keep you from acting upon the greatest opportunities that come your way. You must begin. There may be many steps to reach your goals but you only have to take one step at a time to make progress. It’s important to keep taking action.

4. Be Grateful! Gratitude is essential for your success. Be grateful the whole way through. Be grateful you have a vision. Be grateful that you can ask for what you want. Be grateful that you do receive abundance, even before you really receive it. When abundance is yours, remember to be grateful that you made the effort and that others helped you to get there. And always and especially, be grateful to God or your Higher Power for those blessings.

What if your dream life doesn’t happen? Or, what if it takes you longer to achieve abundance in your life than you had envisioned? Feeling discouraged is a totally natural process and a common step that almost all have to pass through on their quest for the abundant life. After all, you are attempting to achieve the life of your dreams! It is only natural to experience adversity. Here are some things to think about when you are faced with problems.

1. Deep down inside, do you really believe you will receive an abundant life? Your first thought might be “of course I believe it, why else would I be doing this?” While your conscience mind might long for the abundant life you’re visualizing, perhaps your subconscious mind believes a different version is more appropriate for you. Perhaps you are subconsciously afraid that if you achieved an abundant life you wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility or attention that will come with it. If something is blocking your path, fix it! The Body Code is a great way to do that. We can help align you subconscious desires, and free you from negative emotional baggage and energies that hold you back.

2. Trust in God, or your Higher Power’s, timing and wisdom. Believing there is something bigger than you looking out for you is so important. Perhaps the abundant life you’re wanting would actually have negative consequences for you. Maybe the timing isn’t right yet. Believe me, I have experienced the frustrations and confusion that come from doing everything in my power to achieve an abundant life and of not getting there. That is why the Body Code is so fantastic! Using The Body Code you can not only be content and happy with your current situation, you can also identify what you need to fix on the inside to achieve your most abundant life possible so you can create it.

I believe with all of my heart that every single one of us can experience an abundant life; a life filled with health, energy, meaningful relationships, and success in all that we do. However, achieving abundance requires a lot of work. Together we can make it happen for you as long as you are truly invested in your own success and willing to do what it takes to get there.

~ Cassie Hughes, CECP, CBCP CassieLHughes.com
Mentored by Dr. Bradley Nelson and the HealersLibrary Team

Cassie HughesMy name is Cassie Hughes. I am a wife and mother to a beautiful family. I’ve earned a bachelors degree in Liberal Arts at Southern Virginia University where I also met my amazing and ever-supportive husband. We have two children and we savor the joys and challenges of being parents. I have been on this energy-healing journey for over five years now and I am excited to share it with you and the world. Through energy healing I have seen so many positive and wonderful results that help alleviate pain and illness, battle depression and anxiety, resolve and mend relationships, and most importantly, help people live a truly fulfilled life. EVERYONE can benefit from energy healing, including you.