Reflect and Evaluate

A year of our lives is coming to a close. It seems to be a good time to reflect and even evaluate what has happened. It’s a time to feel good about the love that you have felt and given, about the service you have rendered to others and about the healing that has occurred for yourself and those whose lives you’ve touched. It is also a good time to look ahead and determine what you’ll want to create now to affect the future. I am always grateful when an end comes, whether it is the end of a day or the end of a year so that the new can begin afresh. New beginnings are wide open with the potential for whatever we can dream of wanting and have a hope of achieving.

Before making your New Years resolutions this year, think for a moment. What is it that’ll bring about the changes in your life that you really want to see? What actions will you need to take? Do you have a vision of what you want? Do you have strong enough reasons to work for your goal, to sustain your effort when you feel tempted to give up? Do you have any Trapped Emotions in your way that might sabotage your plan? How will you feel about yourself and what you have accomplished if you make your dream into a reality? How might you feel if you don’t?

Goals Give Direction

Goals are great because they give you direction. Your thoughts could go in many directions. Maybe you need to lose some weight, increase your level of energy, vitality, and health. Maybe you want to develop some new relationships or strengthen, build or heal some existing ones. Maybe you want to be a busy practitioner with wonderful clients that love you and whom you love to serve. You might want to go back to school or just learn something new. Maybe you would like to learn how to heal using The Body Code™, or perhaps you’d like to become certified. Whatever it is that you would like to do, there is one thing that is true, and that is that it really helps to identify your goals, write them down, and then visualize their creation. If you have a goal journal, it’s even better. You’ll have a place to keep track of things. Besides recording your goals, you might also record reasons for your goals and resolutions, how you might overcome possible challenges, and what happens as you work through the problems. You could write about what you plan to accomplish and whose lives you hope to affect. You can write about what you discover about yourself, what you learn, how you change, and how you feel.

Ask Questions

If you find that you are setting the same weak goal year after year and you aren’t seeing your reality change, it might be helpful to look at things more closely. It’s hard to find the confidence to succeed if a goal is weak or when you are feeling ineffective. So, is it the goal or is it you? It may help to ask yourself some more questions.

What are you missing? Is there lack of commitment? A lack of excitement about the goal itself? Is there a lack of knowledge about what it’ll take? Are you making it enough of a priority, scheduling time for your goal? Do you have a good system and plan to help you to accomplish the necessary steps to achieving it? Is your plan divided into parts that you can realistically do? Do you seek the support that might be necessary to accomplish some of those steps? Is there something or someone sabotaging your efforts? Is your goal what you really want or do or is it motivated by someone else’s desire for you? Is there pain or negativity associated with your goal? Do you have some Trapped Emotions about working toward your goal or about accomplishing it for some reason? Think about how you might use The Emotion Code® to structure some customized questions for yourself to see if you have any emotional energy that is keeping you from achieving your goal.

Clearing Trapped Emotions

If you have been struggling for a while and feel stuck, it is very likely that you do have something to clear. Remember that the wording that you use is important. When you ask questions of your subconscious, your mind will take your questions literally. Just like a computer requires for you to hit the correct sequence of keys on your keyboard to give you the information you want, your subconscious requires the right questions to give you the information you need to find what is possibly sabotaging you, so you might have to ask a lot of questions. Here’s an example: “Do I have a Trapped Emotion about money?” is a very general question. It may or may not help find the root of your problem and uncover a Trapped Emotion. “Do I have a Trapped Emotion contributing to my ineffectiveness at interviewing for jobs?” is a more specific question. Maybe the Trapped Emotion is actually about interviewing, not about money itself, although the problem with interviewing results in that you don’t get the job, so you don’t have enough money. You might possibly find the same Trapped Emotion behind this by asking, “Do I have a Trapped Emotion causing or contributing to my issue of not having enough money?” The point is that you may have to ask a number of questions phrased in different ways to find the trapped emotional energy behind the problem, as in this case, interviewing badly.

Clear a Path 

I love to use The Emotion Code whenever I have a problem to solve or a goal to achieve. It clears my path and opens opportunities for growth and success. When we set resolutions to achieve a goal, we are not only resolving to choose a desired outcome but are choosing to have a new set of problems. There are always hurdles to jump when you are working to accomplish something that you want. Life is a series of problems. That means that problems are really blessings in disguise because solving them is how you learn and grow and reach goals. It’s how you expand who you think you are.

Opportunity to Create

The Emotion Code is a great tool to help you to allow the problems of the past to fall away and to move toward your potential. It is a gift from our Creator. I am so grateful that we have it. I hope you will use it as this year closes its door behind you. A new door of opportunity is about to open. The opportunity is to do whatever you decide. Think about what is important to you and what really brings joy to your soul. I hope that you will set your resolutions thoughtfully. I hope that more love for humanity will be a part of your dream. And I hope that what you see and create before you is beautiful.

By Jean Nelson