We’ve asked our Facebook friends who practice the Emotion Code to give us their Top 10 Tips to Mastering Muscle Testing Techniques. Their responses have been overwhelming and insightful. Some of Dr. Brad’s team members have even chimed in with their top tips, which we have also shared below. Thank you all for your inspiration!

Your Top 10 Tips:

1. Ask God/higher power for help
2. Practice, practice, practice
3. When getting an answer it’s important to learn what strong and weak, yes and no feel like in your body
4. Make sure Practitioner and Client are well hydrated
5. Learn to trust yourself
6. Always test with yes/no to gain a baseline before moving ahead
7. Try a range of techniques, the one you least expect may be the right one for you once you understand it
8. Use the power of intention
9. Don’t be attached to an outcome
10. Use your practice sessions to find out the least amount of effort you need to use to get a result you trust

Tips from Dr. Brad’s team:

1st tip: Your attitude is super important. A lot of people get frustrated with muscle testing if they don’t get really clear answers, especially at the beginning. Allowing yourself to feel hopeless or frustrated about muscle testing will almost surely create failure! When you are getting ready to use muscle testing, get into a peaceful, meditative state as much as possible. Make sure your mind is focused and there are no distractions. If you don’t get a clear answer, refocus and try again!

2nd tip: First off, choose the method that you want to become proficient in. (self test methods)

  1. Find the perfect amount of pressure! Starting with high pressure, bring the pressure down until it gives you a weak response. Find that perfect balance where you are right at the spot if you dial up the pressure just a tiny bit it will give you a strong response. This is where you want to be working at. i.e. Say you are using the ring-in-ring method. You would start with the rings not breaking through each other and dialing down the pressure until you find the spot where the rings break each time. But you are also at the spot if you brought the pressure up just a bit, they would not break. This is the perfect spot.
  2. Practice congruent and incongruent statements at the perfect pressure. Once you have dialed in the perfect amount of pressure you can start asking your body congruent and incongruent statements. For example if your name is Sarah, you could say, “My name is Sarah”. Now test that at the perfect pressure. “My name is Jill.” Test at the perfect pressure. i.e. Again if you are using the ring-in-ring method, when you state your name, the rings should NOT break (congruent statement). When you state another name that is not yours (incongruent statement) the rings should break. Practice congruent and incongruent statements for about a week or two.
  3. Try other muscle testing techniques: Once you have the perfect pressure and can sense the difference between congruent and incongruent statements, you’ll be ready now to do the same with other muscle testing methods. You will find that as you practice other methods you will become better and better at sensing the answers. Then you will muscle testing down!