Dr. Nelson,
I just wanted to tell you that I had the same dream that you tell about – in the school where you rise up to the ceiling. I had the dream years ago, but it is still very vivid to me. I was in a university library with lots of people and I realized that I was rising up a little bit. I thought, “Maybe I can go higher” and I did and soon I was up near the ceiling and people were pointing to me and asking how I was doing it. I answered you just do it, it’s easy. After a time of enjoying being up near the ceiling and flying around, I turned and saw the big windows and I went out and flew over beautiful landscape and then I woke up. I think that I flew out the window because I have become a healer near the end of my life. I will be 82 in July. If I were younger, I would get certified, but I am using your fantastic method to help me, my family and friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have enabled me to at least somewhat become what God intended for me to be and I love it. – Lesly Klippel, San Jose, CA

It is always very interesting to determine what substance a Heart-Wall is made of! I recently became certified in The Emotion Code and I remember when working on one of my practice clients that her subconscious indicated that her HW was made out of Converse sneakers. I tested again several times to be sure wondering to myself how I was going to convey this to the client- but one thing I have learned in my many years of doing intuitive readings and doing energy work is that it isn’t my place to judge the information that comes through- my job is to serve as a clear conduit to share said information. And that I did, and the client babbled on in excitement that these were favorite shoes to wear when she was growing up and that her daughter also had a fondness for them today. I felt relieved, once again marveling at how powerful it can be to bypass the conscious mind! – Idara Bassey

I too am very excited about the Emotion/Body code systems. I’ve ordered Dr. Brad Nelson’s DVD’s and have used the simple technique on my husband, myself and a few others and all I can say is WOW more please. This feels so right. Thanks for putting the spiritual into practical application. – Anne

The Emotion Code and The Body Code are providing all kinds of wonderful healing experiences for my clients. These modalities are well designed and have an uncanny capacity to find buried trapped emotions that have kept us stuck for years. Other systems tell us what we should do to make change in our lives. Dr. Nelson’s work shows us how. I love the accuracy and efficacy of this healing and I am honored to do this work. Thank you – Rose

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