Releasing His Heart-Wall and Feeling “As Big As The Entire Room”

While Discover Healing can’t guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any individual using The Emotion Code™ for any particular issue or problem, here’s what others have reported experiencing:

I had a Heart-Wall and a Hidden Heart-Wall that were released by me over the last 9 months. I released about 30 trapped emotions for my Heart-Wall and about 3 for my Hidden Heart-Wall. I’ve noticed more peace and sincerity when talking to other people since that time, and I quickly sense when someone I’m talking to has a thickened Heart-Wall. A memorable experience that I had releasing my Heart-Wall emotions was when I released about the fifth from the last. I had an overwhelming feeling of being “as big as the entire room.” This was such a powerful and pure experience that I will never forget it.

~Roger Andre Vachon, USA

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