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Dr. Nelson’s
Body Code Healing System

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The Energy of Romance Training Series

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Dr. Nelson’s

Body Code Healing System

The Ultimate Health, Wealth and Happiness Solution

You will be empowered to heal, using The Body Code to resolve the underlying causes of any physical, emotional or mental issue you may have.

This patented method is both unique and elegant, and allows you to take charge of your health and experience freedom, love and joy like never before.

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Simple & Elegant Technology

Use the App on your phone or handheld device and enjoy healing on the go! Within seconds, discover what is at the root of what ails you.

US Patent #9330240

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Resonating Relationships: The Energy of Romance

Your Guide to Creating Deep, True Love – Harnessing the Power of The Body Code

e-Evaluation Form

This in-depth 10 section workbook will help you identify many key subconscious issues that are creating sabotage both in and around relationships. This information will provide direction during subsequent healing sessions. Later in the healing process, a re-evaluation can be done to measure improvements and find any issues that remain.

e-Session Guide

This guide has been designed to prepare you for ultimate communication with the subconscious mind during Body Code healing sessions. It assists the healer in moving from section to section with focused intent to remove or improve issues identified during the initial evaluation. This also provides a place to store all updates and improvements.

Video Tutorials

These deep-dive training videosthoroughly and simply explain the Evaluation Form, section by section, as well as the Session Guide, for use in real time during your healing sessions in conjunction with The Body Code. These videos willprepare you to do an evaluation, follow-up sessions and a re-evaluation for yourself and anyone you work with.

Sample Healing Session Videos

These recorded evaluations and follow-up sessions on real clients demonstrate how you can use the Resonating Relationships program effectively in varying situations and with varying client desires and histories. Learn to do an Evaluation, a first session, a second session and a re-evaluation later in the healing process.

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Boost Your Body Code Results

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Boost Your Body Code Results

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How it Works for Creating Love


Use the Resonating Relationships: The Energy of Romance Training Series to help you identify all the deep seated issues creating subconscious sabotage in your love life – and pave your path to fulfilling, nurturing love.


The Body Code’s simple app design allows you to quickly click through to find and peel away the layers of those issues buried in your subconscious so you can start feeling better and seeing results – and fast.


Dedication to creating more love in your life, and not being satisfied enough with the status quo. Just like with any goal, you have to really want it. (Hint: This is the hard part— the other two ingredients are easy).

With this Breakthrough Healing System, you can…

  • Give your body what it needs in order to create an environment for healing
  • Expose and release Trapped Emotions, negative energies and trauma
  • Clear the way for optimal health, love and creative abundance

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Body Code Users are Experiencing Transformations

“I had developed sciatica over the years, and nothing made sense as to why this would happen. I was very active physically, practiced yoga regularly, ate well, took good care of myself. This pain was bringing me to a grinding halt and fast. I was miserable. Now, I am completely and absolutely pain free. I am now more of a True Believer in this process than ever before! (And I can still enjoy my morning cup of coffee!) I really am grateful for this personal healing experience. It has taught me so much about what is possible.”

Theresa Wiles, Santa Cruz, CA

“In November 2011, I had a pacemaker put in. I had a third degree heart block, and the lower chambers in my heart weren’t working the way they were supposed to. I had a Body Code healing session and removed a Heart-Wall in July 2016. In August 2016, I went to my heart doctor for my annual checkup on my pacemaker. They hooked me up to this machine that tells them about my heart, and how my pacemaker is working, and how long it will last. They told me that a ventricle in my heart had started working that was not working before. They were able to turn down my pacemaker (making it last longer) and told me that I would need less oxygen. I’ve been on oxygen for one and a half years. This is a miracle. My doctor gave me a weird look as he was leaving. He probably never seen anything like this before!”

Evelyn Rost, Nebraska
“I’ve found a new clarity in trusting my intuition, have pursued things I’d only dreamt of pursuing before, and have even found true love in a soul mate after such traumatic experiences in my marriage. I’ve made a new career path for myself, strengthened my relationship with God, with my family, with my children, and with myself.
I firmly believe in The Body Code, being necessary in the healing from abuse, PTSD symptoms, hormonal imbalances, and from emotional trauma in general. My edema symptoms are requiring less medication to manage and I’m able to see a future in healing, physical fitness, leadership, love, and life, where I couldn’t see any farther than the next day before!”
Leslie Klippel, San Jose, CA

You’ll learn to identify and remove negative blocks,
subliminal programming and old trauma
and shift into a higher vibrational state.

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The most common questions about The Body Code Healing System, and the answers you are looking for:

Will this work for me if I don’t know anything about healing?

Whether you are new to energy healing or very experienced, the techniques described in this program will  awaken your healing potential. First, you can heal yourself and second, you can help others heal with these techniques, no matter what your prior level of experience. All you have to do is follow the system—it’s step-by-step—and utilize the tools that are provided. You’ll see results.

Do I need to have special training to do this?

All of the information that you need to be successful with The Body Code 2.0 System is contained within the program. Literally anybody can do The Body Code, no matter how old, or young! Whether you have a formal healing education or not, you’ll be surprised how fool-proof this complete system is. Like a pocket dictionary, use only the parts you need to be effective on any problem.

How much time will it take me to learn to use The Body Code? Is this going to be difficult?

The process of using The Body Code is fast because it is so organized. You will be able to learn how to utilize the techniques very quickly—some are confidant within a few hours, some take a few days, other people take a couple of weeks. Once you know how to utilize the tools, you only need to spend a few minutes per day or week with The Body Code System. Your health is certainly worth this small amount of time and attention!

I’m not sure muscle testing works for me?

Muscle-testing is an easy way to communicate directly with the subconscious. Many people have experienced a brief introduction to this technique and then tried it (most with great success)! But if you are in the minority that has not been able to achieve a result, it could be that you have a blockage in the way of getting clear answers. We provide a great deal of training and support about how to get accurate answers with muscle testing. And we also have Staff Practitioners who can help you to determine if there is something that is blocking you from getting clear answers or trusting your muscle testing. It is usually an easy fix.

Will I need technical computer skills in order to do this?

The Body Code 2.0 System is so easy to use that even children can use it! Click and go. If you prefer, our friendly support staff will help you get started.

How soon can I expect results?

Healing happens in layers and you can’t force it. Some people have what is considered to be a miraculous healing the first time they utilize The Body Code. Others take several weeks or months before their main concern resolves. Sometimes the more serious the problem is, the longer it can take to get results. But that is not always the case! The best thing to do is check yourself daily to see if you can release anything that is standing in the way of your happiness, abundance or health and release it. Just stick with it and allow changes to happen when your mind, body and spirit are ready.

Your life as a healer starts now!

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