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Discover the Essentials of Healing

Join us for a transformative 2½ day event, where you’ll learn all the basics of becoming a true healer. You’ll discover hidden gifts you didn’t even know you had, and develop a priceless skill set that will serve you for years to come. You’ll learn all about how to use The Body Code and The Emotion Code to regain and maintain balance in your body and spirit, so you can experience the best health and happiness of your life!



Salt Lake City, Utah

Apri 11-13, 2019


Lake Las Vegas, Nevada

October 24-26, 2019


Salt Lake City, Utah

APRIL 11-13, 2019

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Salt Lake City Airport

Book Discounted Rooms through March 23

Earlybird tickets starting at $197 through March 25

$247 per ticket beginning March 26


Lake Las Vegas, Nevada

OCTOBER 24-26, 2019

Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa

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Earlybird tickets starting at $197 through September 30

$247 per ticket beginning October 1


Improve Your Quality of Life

Want to learn what it takes to become a healer? Join us for this life-changing event and connect more deeply than ever with the healing powers that lie within you. You’ll learn how to use The Body Code to help your body heal itself, and how you can also perform the same body balancing work for others too. You’ll learn skills that help you to get connected with your body, and more grounded so you can experience more energy and inspiration in your day to day life than ever before.

How to experience more love, how to feel more confident in your intuition, and how to create a more fulfilling, electrifying life are just a few of the mysteries we’ll unfold at this event. The healing arts are accessible to you—all you need is the desire to learn, and that’s just what you’ll do at Discover The Essentials of Healing! Join us, and discover the exciting things that are next on YOUR healing path.

Why Should I Attend?

People all over the world in all walks of life are searching — desperately seeking the secrets to health and happiness that have eluded them for years …  possibly even their entire lives.

We believe we have the answers.

Are you battling physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that Western medicine have yet to solve? Are you in pain and desperately seeking relief? Do you struggle to succeed in life or feel like you’re doomed to fail no matter how hard you try?

Are your relationships leaving you with heartache and pain instead of fulfillment and joy? Do you wonder why you keep coming up against the same old blocks and patterns again and again — and most importantly, are you ready to break the cycle once and for all and learn the tools that will finally set you free?

Then Discover the Essentials of Healing is for you.

This Event is for You if

  • You’re just beginning to explore the world of energy healing and all that it entails
  • You want to learn how to experience more love and create a more fulfilling, electrifying life

  • You’re eager to discover and develop more confidence in your intuition

  • You’re ready know what your next step on your healing path should be — and how to awaken the magic that awaits you on your journey.

Awe-Inspiring Stories & Miraculous Breakthroughs

At Discover Healing, we don’t just help you create a happier life; we teach you how you may be able to help save a life. Here’s a look at just some of the profound transformations our community of healers has made possible with the help of our healing tools:

Back from the edge of death: My grandson, the miracle child

Helen Kelly

After a life of pain, surgery was no longer needed for my son

Elle Nevarde

From a doctor to a healer: This is the future of medicine

Emanuel Zevallos

My schizophrenic son no longer hears terrifying voices

Cheryl Monroe & Cathy Patch

My client got pregnant in 2 months after 4 years of infertility

Norah Brown

My wake-up call to heal was a literal punch in the face

Nikki Danby Twist

Immerse Yourself in the World of Healing and Come Away Transformed

There’s something for everyone at Discover the Essentials of Healing, no matter your level of experience. In fact, we welcome beginners to this event! You’ll learn from the ground up how to hone your intuition and use simple and effective muscle testing techniques to release Trapped Emotions and rid yourself of negative energies. We’ll take you by the hand and guide you to the next great step on your healing journey.

If you’re ready to…

  • Discover the true cause of your emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges;
  • Learn and master the secrets to powerful, instantaneous, and lasting healing;

  • Uncover the blocks that have been keeping you from your highest levels of joy and success;

  • Release the barriers standing between you and your ultimate happiness;

  • Awaken your hidden intuitive gifts and discover your own healing superpowers; and

  • Connect with a community of like-minded healers who share your curiosity and passion for creating perfect health and happiness…

Then Discover the Essentials of Healing is definitely for you!

Create Lasting Change

The magic power of energy healing lies in its ability to transform anyone, anywhere. No matter what’s hurting or holding you back now, you can begin to break the chains at last and free yourself for a life of total health and happiness.

At this event, you’ll learn insider tips for the most powerful energy healing techniques available, for total and complete self-healing:
The Emotion Code, the inspired self-help program that heals body, mind, and soul by helping you identify and release the energy of your Trapped Emotions; and The Body Code, the most comprehensive natural healing tool ever created that allows you identify and release the underlying causes of your physical, mental, and emotional issues on the spot.

Together, we’ll walk through not just the basics for how to use these powerful healing tools, but how to create profound changes, breakthroughs, and miracles in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, and more.

Become a Healer Detective

This event will train you to tackle your goals and issues with new energy and perspective—whether you want to get rid of aches and pains, have more energy, experience more peaceful relationships or make more money, you’ll leave feeling powerful.

Doing true healing work with The Body Code is like being a detective; it’s all about finding the root causes of our problems, and discovering how we can make conditions right to achieve what we want instead.

Event Curriculum

Simple and Elegant Healing with The Body Code

How The Body Code helps us to regain and maintain a state of balance, so our bodies can heal themselves
All about the 6 types of imbalance, how they impact your body and spirit, and the approach we take to eliminate them one by one

Start by Grounding and Connecting 

How to begin your healing sessions the best way: by accessing divine universal intelligence, reigniting your body’s energy centers, and getting grounded and connected to the life-giving energy of Mother Earth

Discovering Your Muscle Testing Talents

How you can access vital information from the subconscious mind using nothing but your body’s built in messaging system!
How to find and perfect your favorite technique so it works for you, while avoiding common rookie mistakes that others make

How to Think Like a Healer

How to access and strengthen your built-in powers of intention
Basic healing philosophy that will empower you to understand how true healers work to resolve issues and achieve goals

Using Positive Energy as a Shield Against Negativity

How to tell if negative energy from others has been dragging you down, how to reverse this and avoid it in the future
How to create a shield of powerful positive energy and use it as an active protection for your body and spirit

Navigating The Body Code Mind Maps

How to use your built in abilities of muscle testing and intention combined with The Body Code Mind Maps to do healing sessions

Your Healing Path

How to know what your next step on your healing path should be… how to awaken the magic that awaits you on your journey!

Creating More Love

How to create all the right energetic vibrations within your body so you can finally attract and nurture the love that feeds your soul

Discovering Your Intuition

How to find your unique intuitive gift and use it both to download information all around you and illuminate your inner wisdom

Life as a Successful Body Code Practitioner

Venture into the exciting world of a Certified Body Code Practitioner! You’ll learn how this achievement can open a new world of freedom and flexibility for you, along with increased confidence and access to deeper levels within your own healing process

Improving Your Immunity

How to find out how well your immune system is functioning and how to improve it so you have higher resilience and experience more energy

Treating Pathogens  

Learn to address pathogens in two ways, as well as how to remove the underlying causes so you can conquer and eliminate them quickly

Fixing Underlying Causes

How to do thorough healing work and prevent recurring imbalances by fixing their underlying causes

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

What emotions really are… and the counterintuitive reason you should want to experience negative emotions
Methods for creating a healthier, higher-vibrational emotional experience for a happier life and better relationships

Discover Your Higher Self

Achieving deeper connection to your intrinsic value so you can create a life of greater abundance, confidence and consciousness

Getting Aligned With Your Dreams

Techniques that can help you recognize and remove false limitations, find what you really want and rekindle your motivation for getting it

Sustaining Momentum

The pieces you need to keep in place so you keep moving on your healing path toward your best life!

Gain Confidence in Healing Essentials with Hands-On Practice Workshops

You’ll Learn…

  • The basics of detecting the root causes of any issue

  • How to access the well of knowledge in your subconscious
  • How to eliminate the root causes once they’re discovered

Master Muscle Testing & Communication with the Subconscious

You’ll Learn…

  • How our body parts communicate with us – and how to speak their language
  • New skills for handling and soothing your emotions

  • How to get answers about your body’s needs, no matter where you are

Eliminate Negative Energies & Bring Balance to the Mind and Body

You’ll Learn…

  • How to make conditions right so you may be able to manifest more money

  • How to create balance in the body and spirit so you feel WHOLE again

  • To shatter creative blocks that may be stalling your success and freedom

Raise the Vibration of Your Relationships

You’ll Learn…

  • Techniques to create a deeper and more open connection with others
  • How to attract the right people into your life, for love, friendship, and business

  • How to create more harmony with romantic and family relationships

  • How to end toxic relationship patterns and communication problems

Meet Your Instructors

Dr Bradley Nelson, DC
Dr Bradley Nelson, DCAuthor & Int'l Healing Instructor
Author of the bestseller, “The Emotion Code” and creator of “The Body Code Healing System”, Dr Brad has lectured internationally on the healing of chronic and incurable diseases by restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit.
Josh Nelson, CBCP
Josh Nelson, CBCPDirector of Education
Josh is an expert Certified Body Code Practitioner with a Bachelors Degree in Nutritional Science. He has been an instructor at our live events for several years and helps our students become Certified Body Code Practitioners.
Natalie Nelson, CBCP
Natalie Nelson, CBCPContent Strategist
Natalie develops educational products and programs for healers and has been a Certified Body Code and T3 Practitioner for over 15 years. Her own healing journey has given her a profound appreciation for the power of our bodies to heal themselves, and it shows in her passionate teaching approach.

What Our Students Want You to Know

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Frequently Asked Questions

This event is open to everybody! We have people from all skill levels, from all over the world at our retreats. We do not require that you own any products or are certified in The Emotion Code or Body Code.

That said, many people find it useful to order and install The Body Code 2.0 before attending, as we do dive in to many of the imbalances that are listed on the Body Code mind maps during the sessions. We also offer some great deals on The Body Code 2.0 at the event, and you can install it on the spot, if that’s your cup of tea.

Learn More about The Body Code 2.0

Yes, 24 hours of CE credits are available for this event through the NCBTMB. After attending the event, you will receive an electronic letter sent via email with the CE credit information you can turn in to your provider.

To register, choose your ticket option.

You can order a general ticket, or take advantage of one of our VIP packages.

Upon choosing your ticket option you will then be taken to checkout where you will register.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the name and email address entered at checkout is the name and email of the person registered, it does not need to be related to the billing info. If registering for someone else, please enter their name and email address so the system registers them for the event.

Here are a few things we recommend bringing…

Dress in layers, as the room temperature may fluctuate due to the size of the room – definitely bring a sweater
Notepad and pen, laptop or tablet device

OPTIONAL: If you own The Body Code, you’ll want to install it on your phone, laptop or tablet (our staff is available if you need assistance installing) Owning The Body Code is not a pre-requisite for attending, but it is handy!

Internet access and water will be available in the meeting room.

Meals will not be provided.

Yes, our early registration starts at just $197 per person through September 30th, 2018. Tickets will be sold at full price starting on October 1st, 2018.

All tickets will be discounted by $50 through September 30th, including VIP packages!

Save your spot now – this event sells out!

We have VIP packages available before checkout that will get you seated closest to the excitement!

PLUS, you also get some other great perks when you go VIP… take a look!

Priority Check-In – bypass the line and have more time to relax
Priority Seating in first 3 rows – get the best view of the event
Lifetime Access to Hi-Def Streaming Video Recordings of the Event & Downloadable Workbook
Discover Healing branded plush blanket

Exclusive Meet & Greet Dinner with Dr Brad, Staff, & a small group of other Gold VIPs
Hi-res photo with Dr Brad provided at Meet & Greet
Check VIP pricing

Nope! This event is open to everyone, and we welcome absolute beginners! There are no pre-requisites to attend this event. Whether you’re a total novice, or a seasoned pro – we’re confident you’ll have a great experience and learn a lot at this event.

If you don’t own The Body Code yet, you’ll see plenty of demonstrations on how it can be used to balance the body and elevate your health, success, relationships.

Not to mention…attending the retreat gets you access to our BEST DEALS of the YEAR on The Body Code and other programs and products.

You can order at any time during the event, do an easy install on your device and you’ll be off and running with it during the hands-on practice sessions.

Yes, The Emotion Code included in The Body Code, which we you’ll be learning and practicing at this event. You’ll walk away with a grasp of not only The Emotion Code, but of all of the other important areas of the body and spirit to check for imbalances, and bring alignment to.

Join us for Discover the Essentials of Healing

Salt Lake City, Utah

APRIL 11-13, 2019

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Salt Lake City Airport

Book Discounted Rooms through March 23

Earlybird tickets starting at $197 through March 25

$247 per ticket beginning March 26


Lake Las Vegas, Nevada

OCTOBER 24-26, 2019

Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa

Book Discounted Rooms through Oct 2

Earlybird tickets starting at $197 through September 30

$247 per ticket beginning October 1


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