Is it possible that releasing trapped emotions can help us move up Dr. David Hawkins’ scale of consciousness?

The scale of consciousness, as discussed in the book Power vs Force by Dr Hawkins, is a scale that spans from 0 – 1000.

(Picture taken from Christie-Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above Program)

This scale is by no way meant to define anyone at a fixed place, and no level is wrong or right. As human beings we can fluctuate through the different levels on this scale.

What Dr. Hawkins discovered was that there is a critical point (when we reach 200 on his scale) where everything that calibrates below this point makes the body go weak and represents as the absence of “truth”. Everything above 200, makes the body go strong and represents the presence of truth, and Dr. Hawkins says that some people can resonate more often above this point most of the time, while some others resonate below this point more often. So it is about the overall resonance. But according to Dr. Hawkins, having a frequency of 500 or above is of pure unconditional love, and it is in this state that we are in complete harmony with our body and our environment.

How could this be connected to The Emotion Code?

The different range of emotions that we experience can all fit on this scale, and are in harmony with Dr. Bradley Nelson’s premise that when emotions get trapped in a certain organ, the organ begins to resonate at the frequency of that particular emotion or emotions that are trapped there.

Dr. Hawkins’ work would suggest that if we have trapped emotions in the body, we can resonate at the frequency of those emotions, whether below 200 or above. Most of the emotions on the Emotion Code scale resonate below 200. Having these emotions trapped within us could contribute to lowering our overall resonance, thus “weakening” the body, and overriding the natural resonance of “love” that is present innately in us.

It’s wonderful to have such a tool as the Emotion Code to make it possible to release these trapped emotions, so we might allow ourselves to resonate above 200, and even 500 or above, allowing harmony within our bodies and environment.

written by: Charan Surdhar