Descubre la Sanación Energética con El Código de la Emoción®

Learn this simple method for energy healing. Releasing Trapped Emotions may facilitate physical and emotional balance and recovery so you can live a healthier, happier life!

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La sanación con energía puede ser la solución holística que has estado buscando

La sanación con energía se ha utilizado durante miles de años, pero no muchas personas saben que pueden acceder a estas herramientas holísticas hoy en día. No sólo la sanación con energía sigue siendo practicada por profesionales certificados, sino que la gente común puede aprender las herramientas necesarias para ayudarse a sí mismos y a sus seres queridos a acceder al poder de la sanación con energía y a desbloquear la capacidad natural del cuerpo para corregir los desajustes y desequilibrios que pueden conducir a síntomas físicos y emocionales.

Energy healing may be used as a holistic approach to easing physical and emotional ailments that so many of us struggle with. It may help you:

Joy through Emotional Healing

Encuentra la Alegría a través de la Sanación Emocional

Ease Anxiousness

Facilita la Sanación de los Chakras para el Equilibrio Energético

Resuelve la Angustia Física

Identifica la Nutrición que tu Cuerpo Anhela

Elimina las posibles Toxinas y la Energía Tóxica

Esta información no pretende sustituir el consejo de un profesional médico. Recomendamos que busques el consejo de tu médico antes de implementar una nueva rutina de salud. No todo el mundo encontrará alivio inmediato de sus dolencias aplicando métodos de sanación energética. Sin embargo, después de muchos años de experiencia con esta modalidad tan utilizada, nosotros y nuestros profesionales hemos visto suceder cosas asombrosas. Desde problemas de articulaciones hasta traumas emocionales, muchas personas han usado estos principios de sanación energética para apoyar la libertad física y emocional de los problemas con los que han luchado durante años.

Libérate de la carga emocional


Learn to identify and release Trapped Emotions with this simple 4-step energy healing formula created by Dr. Bradley Nelson (DC, ret.). This process has helped thousands of others resolve physical and emotional distress.
The Emotion Code® is perfect for energy healing beginners. It’s also an essential first step to learning the complete Body Code System.


Desbloquea tu capacidad de sanación energética


You can build on your knowledge of The Emotion Code® with The Body Code™.

As a complete, patented energy healing system, The Body Code was designed to offer a simple way to get to the root of virtually any physical or emotional imbalance. These holistic health tools create a simple road map that may help you uncover the cause of physical or emotional distress in the body, so you can feel better.

The Emotion Code (level 1) and The Body Code (level 2) were created to help anyone access the power of energy healing. While they’re both available to use for all who are interested, certification offers the chance to master these tools. Certification in The Body Code can only be completed after certification in The Emotion Code.


Reseñas de 5 estrellas de personas reales obteniendo resultados reales

“My friend Jada suffered from past trauma issues as well as several rare neurological disorders. When I started to work on her using The Emotion Code, she noticed an immediate effect on her anxiousness and her level of discomfort. In fact, every time I worked on her she felt immediate improvement, and I was able to help her quit procrastinating on wedding planning. In a few months, she went from zero plans to having the wedding of her dreams. We both thank The Emotion Code for that!”

Melissa Nichols, USA

“I started using The Emotion Code® on myself in May 2019. I came across one of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s YouTube videos that showed how to release Trapped Emotions on your own body. I had a hurting and tender spot in my right shoulder. When I released my first Trapped Emotion, I experienced a tingling sensation in my shoulder. I was so surprised and relieved at the same time that I kneeled down in gratitude and I started to cry out of happiness. This event really touched me, so I kept on going with this method and I was able to release quite a few Trapped Emotions from my body. I even was able to release a Heart-Wall.”

Bianca Maria Nast, New Zealand

“…Over the past 12 months I have gone from being persistently sad and anxious, to blossoming into who I have always known I could be; a confident, happy and connected person, who understands the contribution I can be to myself and the world. I now have a level of self-love and self-confidence that I never dreamed was possible…I feel my life is just beginning at 35, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about what is to come.”

Talya Garrett, AU

“Personally, The Emotion Code and The Body Code have helped free me from feeling sad and anxious among other things. The Body Code has also relieved the discomforts of menstruation, where before I could not feel my body, could not get out of bed, would black out from the intensity, and had to call off work consistently. After a Body Code session working on imbalances in my ovaries, fallopian tubes, and mammary glands, I do not experience any of the excruciating discomfort that I felt before. The intensity is now at a 1/10 and does not interfere with my personal or work life at all. I can’t put into words how grateful I am.”

Julia Ramaci, USA

“It’s been 3 months since the energy healing session and I haven’t had a single migraine attack. I have been under some personal changes that before would have brought on several attacks, along with our weather changes, and I’m still migraine-free!! … Wow is all I can say! It is AMAZING!”

Profesional Certificado Sharon Shores, USA, (from her client, G.C.)

“While using The Emotion Code with my friend Vickie, her golden retriever dog pushed between us. Bromley was an abused rescue dog. When asked if he wanted us to work on him, he sat down. Previously, when the front door was opened, Bromley would dart out and run down the street, so we worked on this issue. In the session, Bromley released 4 Trapped Emotions that were causing this behavior. When he was finished, he walked away and lay down in his bed. After the release, he never again darted out the door. He would walk out, sit in the garage, and wait for Vickie.”

Patricia Lee Johnson

“I feel like I have been much more patient and even-tempered since releasing my Heart-Wall. I also feel like I can communicate much better with my wife.

I feel like I am in better control of my emotions and I feel less selfish now.”

Dr. Scott M. Chandler

“I have always felt like an outsider or the “plus one” in friend groups and larger groups I hang out with. Since clearing layers, I have felt more like I belong. I also feel like I have more love, not only for myself, but also more love to give others.

I am more vulnerable and open.”

Aaron H., USA
Dr Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC, ret.

World-renowned energy healing expert and lecturer
Author of The Emotion Code® and Creator of The Body Code™ System

“Algunas de las mayores satisfacciones de mi vida provienen de enseñar a las personas como tú, a restaurar el equilibrio del cuerpo, practicar las artes sanadoras y experimentar la alegría que proviene de ayudar a otros a estar bien.”

Prueba la Nueva Aplicación del Body Code de forma gratuita

This app is your complete energy healing tool, containing both The Emotion Code and The Body Code.  You’ll be able to click through the 6 types of imbalances to discover what might be keeping you from ultimate emotional and physical wellness.

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