Emotion Code and Body Code Seminar in Poland

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Dr. Bradley Nelson, Author of the Emotion Code & the Body Code


Attend A Special Emotion Code and Body Code Seminar

Purchase your tickets through our local host, and attend one or both seminars with Dr. Bradley Nelson.

At this hands-on seminar taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson, you will…

  • Learn everything you need to know to start freeing yourself from imbalances

  • Find more confidence in using muscle testing techniques

  • Gain hands-on experience during breakout sessions

Learn the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™ during this three-day seminar, held in Warsaw, Poland from June 16 to 18! Experience energy healing in action, as Dr. Brad shares demonstrations with audience volunteers. Plus, gain hands-on experience and ask any questions you may have.

VIP Tickets

VIP guests will receive special seating, a VIP area, a surprise gift, plus a special gala dinner on June 16. At the gala dinner, there will be time to interact with Dr. Brad and Jean and enjoy delicious food.

The in-person seminar will be held in Warsaw, Poland. Breaks for coffee, lunch, and practice sessions are included.

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