Emotion Code Seminar | Melbourne | 2024

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Join us in Melbourne, Australia for an Emotion Code Seminar

Dr. Bradley Nelson will teach a seminar on the Emotion Code in Melbourne, Australia! The event takes place from November 9 to 10. Discover this powerful energy healing method and learn directly from its creator. Release the emotions that could be holding you back from your BEST life, in Melbourne!

At this hands-on seminar taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson, you will…

  • Learn everything you need to know to start freeing yourself from trapped emotions

  • Find more confidence in using muscle testing techniques

  • Gain hands-on experience during breakout sessions

Learn the Emotion Code® during this seminar, held in Melbourne on November 9 and 10! Experience energy healing in action, as Dr. Brad shares demonstrations with audience volunteers. Lively lectures will give attendees a deep understanding of the foundational techniques of the Emotion Code, and audience members will gain hands-on experience through practice sessions releasing inherited emotional baggage, how to easily work on yourself and others, and even how to use energy healing at a distance. Plus, take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have! 

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