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Join us at the St. George Energy Healing Conference

Join us in St. George for this exciting conference led by expert energy healers! The Energy Healing Conference takes place on April 30 in Saint George, Utah, and is designed for anyone interested in alternative health, energy healing, energetic anatomy, light therapy, strengthening relationships, crystals and gemstones, holistic business support, subtle energy, soul evolution, and more.

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Revealing Health Secrets with The Body Code

Dr. Brad will host a class at the conference that introduces the Body Code! This course is perfect for anyone hoping to gain a deeper understanding of this powerful tool and how it can help you access your internal knowledge for optimal wellness.

At this special Energy Healing Conference, Dr. Bradley Nelson will…

  • Share the 6 major imbalances that are often found in the body

  • Demonstrate powerful muscle testing techniques to unlock your innate subconscious knowledge

  • Show attendees how to correct imbalances using the Body Code System, often with instant results

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Hilton Garden Inn Amenities

  • Free Parking

  • Wifi

  • Outdoor Pool

  • Fitness Center

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