Nearly everyone would like more abundance in their lives: abundance of love, health, kindness — and yes — financial freedom. If you’d like to be able to create more abundance in your life, we’ve got great news for you. The power of positive living can bring you to a higher energy state where you can avoid negative energy, and be empowered to achieve more abundance. “Blast Away Your Money Blocks For Good” is part of the Abundance Program through Discover Healing that could help you learn how to manifest greater abundance in your life. You can get started right now by following some simple advice.

Look Inward

Instead of looking for external ways to explain your financial problems, begin looking for possible causes that are within your control. Your emotional state, thoughts, behaviors, and energetic imbalances could bear some of the responsibility for sabotaged success. For example, perhaps you:

  • Blame an unexpected car repair for not having any money in savings. But have you done the routine maintenance? Did you ignore that weird sound by turning the radio up higher?
  • Claim you do not have extra money to invest because of mounting medical bills. But consider what are you eating and how it affects your health. Are you getting adequate exercise? Do you smoke or drink?

Ask Yourself These Questions

Asking yourself some simple questions can help you work on your self-awareness, and identify the ways you might be contributing to your own financial sabotage. Ask yourself:

  • Am I wasting time each day?
  • Is my motivation zapped?
  • Are my thoughts and words about financial abundance genuine?
  • Do I allow negative self-talk that sets me up for failure?
  • Am I taking financial risks?
  • Are my financial patterns generational?
  • Do my expenditures rise as my income rises?

Wealth and Abundance Exercise

It’s important to understand wealth and your personal mindset regarding money and financial responsibility. To begin, take some time to write down what you think about money in general, both good and bad. Write about how you have felt about money throughout your life.

  • Have your thoughts about money changed over the years?
  • If so, why have your ideas changed?
  • Were your ideas about money and wealth taught to you by your parents or other adults?

When you’re done, review what you’ve written. Look for patterns that may be triggering negativity or imbalances, which can actually block you from abundance.

4 Ways to Manifest Abundance In Your Life

Before you remove the blocks to your financial abundance, you can identify them using The Body Code and The Emotion Code. Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the energetic imbalances causing your current financial woes
  2. Shed the blockages that may cause financial issues in the future
  3. Shield yourself from negative energy and sabotage
  4. Stay conscious of sabotage, both internal and external

Shields Up

Step number 3 above — shielding yourself — is not about cutting yourself off from the world. Rather, it’s about protecting yourself from negativity. Your “shield” is a bubble of energy that lets good vibrations in and out, while keeping negative vibrations from reaching you. Energy imbalances between good and bad vibrations can weaken your shield, so it’s important to evaluate and reactivate them as needed. Every day, think of reestablishing your shield to keep negative energies from getting to you. When you start to feel those lower vibrations, consciously shun them and try to give and receive more positivity.

Don’t Fear Financial Commitment

To successfully achieve wealth and abundance, make a plan and follow through. This relates back to whether your mindset toward financial abundance is genuine. For instance, don’t tell yourself that you’re going to save money by eating out only once a week, and then run through the drive-thru the very next day. You have just sabotaged yourself.

Make a solid plan, put it in place, and stick to it immediately. Don’t procrastinate and or compromise your plan, not even a little. Consider how many times you’ve told yourself you’ll start tomorrow, or next week, or next month. Decide now to avoid the sabotage procrastination creates.

The Modes of Financial Wellness

The Abundance Program through The Body Code categorizes your financial status into 3 modes: Abundance, Stagnant, and Lack. Obviously, your goal is to be 100% in Abundance mode. The Stagnant mode isn’t bad, but it means you’re not making progress either. Lack mode, which you certainly want to avoid, means you have more money going out than coming in. You can use The Body Code (or a certified Body Code practitioner) to identify abundance blocks and imbalances, and remove them energetically for a better chance at financial success.


Don’t wait for life to happen to you. You control your own energy and can work to turn positive vibrations from your higher power into creating wealth and abundance on many levels. The Body Code makes energy healing possible, so download it today and go do some good in this world. It all starts with you.