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10 Easy Ways to Limit Your EMF/Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

As a Body Code practitioner, I routinely identify and energetically release toxins which can create imbalances in my clients’ health. Considering that most of us spend hours every day on our phones and computers, it’s no surprise that a common toxin called EMF, also known [...]

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Choosing the Right Dentist Could Save Your Life

There is a considerable difference between a holistic biological dentist and a typical dentist. Some typical dentists might market themselves as a "biological dentist," thinking that doing so will attract more patients, so it will benefit you to know what to look for and what questions to ask. Sometimes, a good dentist is what you need to recover your health! Whoever you choose, it helps to be aware of the different perspectives to make a choice that fits you best. Here are some general differences I have noticed as I have visited both types of offices over the years for exams, cleanings, cavities and other more serious dental problems.

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