Do you run or own an alternative holistic health company? Ensure success and stand out in the industry by making smart, effective marketing decisions. The following three key tips can help you market your business in a manner that grows your client base and boosts your bottom line.

Expand Your Network
In an industry that’s often cast in a controversial light, alternative energy healing business owners must have a broad network. The more people you can connect with, the greater your chances for success become. Always have business cards with you and don’t pass up an opportunity to grow your network of connections. From specific networking events to different clubs to neighborhood gatherings, there are endless opportunities for growth. Remember to always remind family and friends of your business, too, as these individuals may be happy to send potential clients your way.

Be Genuine
All too frequently, holistic health companies put out products and/or services that don’t align with their values or mission. For example, if a company that claims to “be green” and “environmentally aware” packs their products full of artificial fillers and ingredients or uses excessive, non-recyclable packaging, they leave customers feeling cheated and disappointed. When it comes to marketing your alternative energy healing business, be certain that your products or services are genuine to your message, values, and identity.

Being genuine is also important when it comes to how you treat your customers and clients. In addition to running a consumer-centric business and developing products and services that fit the needs of your clients, you should also remember to thank them for their business. Sending a simple thank you card or following up to ensure the customer is satisfied is a great way to make a positive impression and boost your word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

Fine Tune Your Website
In today’s business world, having an attractive, user-friendly, and informative website is absolutely critical. While you may already have a website, revisit it to ensure it has all the necessities, including:

  • A biography or “About Us” section that explains your skills, products, and services, making sure to include reasons these can help satisfy potential customers’ wants and needs.
  • Clear, professional-grade photos that give readers a visual idea of what your business is like. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and including several thoughtfully taken photos of your employees, business, products, and clients is a great way to grab the attention of readers.
  • A blog or regularly updated articles. Not only do these additional website pages help establish and solidify your credibility, but by strategically targeting and including the right keywords, you can also improve your sites search engine optimization and boost traffic.
  • Links to any of your business’ social media profiles like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Testimonies from real people help readers envision themselves working with your business and also build trust in your brand.
  • Clear contact information in various, obvious places throughout your website ensure that others can easily get ahold of you.

By having a professional, admirable website, you can increase your chances of expanding your clientele and getting noticed in the world of holistic health. For more information on energy healing, spiritual healing, and other alternative healing methods, contact Discover Healing today.