Dr. Brad will be the guest of a three part interview series for Carol Watson’s ‘Unleash Your Magnificience’ Radio Show. The first interview happens Friday, April 27th 2012 at 4pm PST.

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Below you will find the time, date and description for each of the 3 part series.

Episode 1 of 3 – April 27 – The Emotion Code
Show Time: 4pm PST
You can become a healer of the most powerful healing method in the world with The Emotion Code. Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of the Emotion Code, will be introducing you to his book The Emotion Code and how your hidden trapped emotional energies may be causing you from finding your ultimate health, happiness and success in all areas of your life.

Episode 2 of 3 – May 4 – The Heart-Wall
Show Time: 4pm PST
The Heart-Wall is the most important, powerful and forward thinking discovery in the health world! And you can learn how to clear your Heart-Wall with Dr. Brad for greater love!

Episode 3 of 3 – May 11 The Body Code
Show Time: 4pm PST
Discover Dr Brad’s ultimate energy healing system The Body Code
Dr Brad created the Body Code over the past 20 years the most advanced method of energy medicine available on the planet today. It is also a self-study course that enables anyone to learn to be a healer.