We are honored to participate in spiritual teacher and host Shifra Hendrie’s Global Awakening Summit. Shifra’s interviews are known for their high vibration and depth, so I can’t wait to share what unfolds!

The speakers in this groundbreaking series are on the cutting edge, and will be sharing a wealth of wisdom, experiential exercises, meditations, and tools that will help transform what we know about our evolving, expanding consciousness. This wisdom is opening the doorway and inviting the light of awakening into our world.

And last but not least… for the very first time ever… Shifra will be holding a special Divine Matrix holographic prayer/healing session before each and every call. Until now, Shifra has opened these sessions only to her private students. These sessions will connect you to the higher morphic field of Divine Awakening and have the power to catalyze miracles. And now these Matrix sessions will be open to you.

I’m honored to share with you this free series, filled with information, vibration and powerful energies designed to support you in your own Divine Awakening.  Join me and other powerful mentors like Gregg Braden, Chunyi Lin, Donna Eden, Dr. Sue Morter and many more as together we co-create a life of personal power and joy.