We are excited to share our featured piece in SoulSpring discussing self-love and its importance. In this article, Dr. Bradley Nelson offers suggestions for ways you can practice self-love each day.

Resilience, our ability to bounce back from difficult times, is linked with self-love, yet half of women worldwide feel more self-doubt than self-love, and 60% wish they had more respect for themselves, a new survey finds.

Learning to develop self-love is an important skill in a happy, healthy life. You deserve love just as much as everyone else in your life does. So how can you increase the love you feel for yourself?

A good place to start is by taking care of yourself. By honoring your own needs and prioritizing your health and happiness, you’ll also have more love to share with the people around you.

Loving yourself can include focusing on self-care, giving yourself positive encouragement, and taking time for yourself. It may look different for each person! Remember that you deserve to feel loved and taken care of, so schedule a few of these activities into your week.

1. Start each day with a positive affirmation. This means saying something positive to yourself each day, it could be “I am loved” or “I am strong” — whatever phrase you want to invoke that day!

2. Take care of yourself with healthy nutrition. Valuing your health and wellness by eating nutrient-dense, delicious, healthy food is a great way to practice self-love.

3. Practice joyful movement. This could mean dancing, yoga, or walking in the wilderness (or around the block). Move your body and take care of yourself physically.

4. Set healthy boundaries. Learning when to say “no” can help protect your time and energy so that you can give your all to the things you truly care about.

5. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Comparison is the thief of joy! Try only measuring yourself against who you used to be, rather than comparing yourself to others.

6. Surround yourself with people who love you. Having people who love you and express that love can be an amazing support system and can help reinforce the love you have for yourself.

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